Sunday, July 01, 2007

Japkor 2007

So last year, Lanie or Lanical as I like to call her, thought it would be fun to watch asian horror movies and make it an annual kind of festival thing. We came up with a name for it too, "Japkor". It's kind of a mix of the words "japanese", "korean", and "horror". And I don't like horror movies or slasher flicks in general because well for the most part they all suck. Asian horror movies however seem to peek interest probably because they are better made films and often seriously twisted.

I even made an art page of the films we watched last year. Which were: The Descent, The Eye, Audition.

So this year, the plan was to watch The Messengers, Phone, and catch a late show of the Cusack movie 1408. Sadly we couldn't catch the theater showing because Lanical had to be home by a certain time or something, I don't know she was having a bad morning...But we still made it a fun day and ended up going to the golf range with some cousins afterward.

But as for the movies we did end up watching, The Messengers totally sucked. Well, not totally 'cause it was a Pang Brother's movie. But the acting was crappy and so was the plot, the actual scare tactics and stuff were pretty cool though. I heard that the Pangs were kind put on a leesh and they had to make it more of a friendly scary movie then other film's they have done like the excellent film, The Eye. So that could be why it was crappy. But I'm not certain so don't quote me on it.

It's entertaining to watch but nothing stands out. To me, a good horror movie will have a scene or an image that kinda stays with you after its all over. Kind of like when Samara from the U.S. version of The Ring comes out of the tv and the static makes her jump from background to foreground. I almost shat myself when I saw that in theaters.

The other movie we watched was Phone. This was a really good movie. It's about this lady who gets a new phone. Her friend's daughter puts it to her ear and hears something and begins to scream and over the course of the movie she begins to act strange and almost psychotic. So the lady begins to investigate the connection between her friend's daughter's behavior and other strange events that involve her new phone. And no it's not an iPhone. Unless it has some new feature that makes little girls want to kill you.

I don't want to give away anything but I gotta say that the acting by the little girl played by Seo-woo Eun is freakin' great in that little kid actor kind of way. She definitely stretched the acting chops, steals the movie, and makes the room light up cause she's cute as a button but at the same time wants to kill you. Haha

It does kind of slow down and requires your concentration a bit to understand who's who and what's happening to them. But if you stay for the third act, it gets really intense.

So in keeping with tradition, I drew some images from the two movies Lanical and I watched. We still plan on seeing 1408 this week.

image breakdown
: The girl with the huge knife is Seo-Woo Eun's character in Phone. The guy with the rake, the raven, the creepy kids with the white eyes are from The Messengers. And the girl that looks like she's coming out of a wall is from Phone as well.

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