Saturday, July 07, 2007

A important message from Ryan Howard and Dwight Schrute...

.....And now you know.

Just finished rewatching The Office Season 2 on dvd because there's nothing funny on tv anymore except Rescue Me but thats more of a drama. On the bonus disc they have some really funny Fake PSAs but I can only find a couple on you tube. I wish someone would post Jim's PSA about The Fugitive on there. OR you guys should just go out and buy the 2nd season 'cause it's hilarious. Also I did some sweet headshots of some of my fav characters from the show. Enjoy!

BTW Out of the mouth of Pam Beesley herself, the Office Season 3 dvd drops in Sept!! AWESOME! Thanx Spamster and hope your back gets better.

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