Monday, July 09, 2007

Girls, Girls, Girls

Just some sketches of random girls. The first one (from right to left) is "13" girl, followed by "Thundercats" girl and "Librarian" girl. HAHA. I need to get back to sketching like when I was in college.
I used to do it non-stop and I'd be able to fill up a sketchbook by the end of a good 3 weeks or even less. Now it kinda takes me a lot longer to do that because I've been working on some just specific personal project art or the comic book.

I'm hoping to get back into the swing of it with this sketch blog and getting me to put pen or penicil to paper more.

I reorganized my closet Sunday and I noticed that from the time I started college all the way up to now I've gone through about 10 sketchbooks....Not all of them are filled and I was pretty bad at ripping pages out if I thought that some or all of the sketches on that page were crap on crap. I'm trying to stay away from that but I guess that's the OCD in me. GEEZ, even my sketches have to have some sense of order...even if they are sketches. Well thanks for listening to this rant about how I think I should sketch more like I did back in college. Hopefully now that I cleared the air with that, I can get to it. *crack the whip!

~ j.ay

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