Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Faces, frogs, and some crap...(running away from toliet paper)

Today was nothing special, put in 5 hours of work and tried to wrap up some personal project stuff. Sorry guys, it's still kind of hush,hush but I'm getting there I promise. Anyways, I thought I'd post up some sketches I did today and weeks previous. I've been feeling pretty good lately and I think it's because of this sketch blog I've been doing. It's keeping me sane! Now if only I had a powerbook and iMovie...I'd take over your web space ((*cue evil laugh. (MUHAHAHAHA))

I found a bunch of really great artists' personal sites and blogs today and man these guys inspire for sure!

Joe Pekar
Robin Mitchell
Tracy Lee

These artists are really awesome and I hope to meet them or at least be at a convention by them...maybe a couple of tables away... heh (in due time!!)

Well, have at it!

~ j.ay

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