Sunday, July 08, 2007


I KNOW it's like almost 2am and I said I wanted to post more art so I thought I would do that now 'cause that's what I said I was gonna do so ughhhh back off yeah! HAH Just kiddin'!

So yeah, have you heard of D.J. SHY? Well, he's been featured as the Creator of S.A.S. Recordings, 103.5 Kiss FM Chicago DJ., Mixed overseas in the Philippines, and was seen on Hataw Pinoy Chicago CH. 41 KBC-TV. He's also my cousin.

He commissioned me to create his logo which if you visit any of the sites linked above, you'll pretty much see it as his identity everywhere. Here, you can see some of the ideas I came up with and the end product in B&W and Color. So check it out!! He's also got a space so ADD HIM he's awesome!

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