Sunday, July 08, 2007

After the holiday...

So, I had a pretty good week. Um, this past Saturday we had a party to celebrate my cousin Jona's new job and that he's moving to Maryland. Before the bbq, a bunch of us went to see Transformers (for the 2nd time) which I had reviewed previously. (both times I saw it)

AYYYNNYWAYS, we played UNO and ate stuff, played some 360, bags, and hung out. All in all it was really fun. And I posted pics on my picasa as per usual. I'll put some up here to go along with the post so that it's not as boring and all wordy.

So, what did I do today. WELL after the long 2 weeks of movies, bbqs, hanging, burning, and fatty-ing I slept. And I'm not talking like sleep till noon. I'm talking about sleeping til it was dark so I woke up thinking it was the previous night. I woke up at like 5 in the afternoon. "So, I took a coma...'bout a hundred hours." I hibernated. And when I woke up, I wanted to clean my room. So, I reorganized my closet and went threw some junk. Changed my bed sheets and swiffered the floor. FUN TIMES INDEED. I took a break about 2 hours in and ended up watching a bunch of you tube videos. Mostly from, HappySlip, KevJumba, and MelissaJenna. After a good 2 or 3 hours of sitting here watching these videos, I thought it would be fun if I got a youtube account and made some videos as well. It looks like fun and I wouldn't be so bored in my room sometimes. BUT I'm not gonna do it for two reasons:

A. I want to get a powerbook first before I sign up and get an account.
2. I have some personal projects that I should finish up before I get addicted and use all my time sitting here making videos. Seeing how I sit here AYYYNYWAYS and do nothing or work on these projects it would further make me never leave my room and not enjoy the remainder of my summer outside.

But it would be sweet to video blog then to type all this stuff out because well, it takes forever and I'm not the best writer in the whole world and sometimes, I'm sure you've thought it too, I sound like an idiot. So I think I'm better off being an idiot on camera because that way I'd be more animated and alive.

All in due time I guess. Well it's about 1:28am and I just uploaded those pictures of Jona's party and I'm drinking my Arizona Green Tea....which is in a cup that kinda smells like onions...*GROSS I need to dump this and wash this cup. So I think I'm gonna watch some more videos and hit the bed.

P.S.- I should be drawing more on here since I've said this is an ONLINE SKETCHBOOK and I've posted SOME but not alot of sketches on here. I've been doing photos lately. But that just goes to show how busy I get in the summer when I want to hang out with my family and be outside. I promise I'll put more work up.

~ j.ay

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