Thursday, July 12, 2007

8:17pm update

So its around the time above but I'm sure once I post this, it'll be a couple minutes past. I'm kinda bored today. It was really nice out and I was cooped up inside so I took about 10 or 15 minutes to drive to the post office and drop off mail. The windows were down of course and I enjoyed some nice air. I wish I was not so lame and had something nice to do outside.

So after I dropped off the mail, I went back to my nest and internetted for awhile. I played some piano for a bit and played some Call of Duty 3 and this pretty much brings us up to date. I'm not really doing anything now, I have a t.v. dinner in the microwave and I'm watching some Friends Season 8. So it's keeping me occupied. I guess its nice that its almost the witching hour (thats usually when I am more productive) But I guess I should take some time to be outside for lil bit everyday so I won't be so bored and lost around this hour. haha

ANYWAYS here's some random sketches of monsters and lil creatures.



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