Friday, June 22, 2007

Review: Big Nothing

So I recently bought this movie not knowing if it was really any good or just a "big nothing" of a movie. (heh) But based on the trailer above and the fact that it has Ross from Friends and Simon Pegg of Shaun of the Dead fame, I took a gamble and picked it up instead of checking to see if the local blockbuster or hollywood video had any to rent.

I'm usually pretty good with the impulse buying when it comes to dvds. (Hard Candy, Igby Goes Down, Zero Effect) Some of these I just bought because I saw a cool poster for it, read the back of the box, or saw a clip or a small trailer.

But I have had my fair share of misses as well (Curse of the Golden Flower, Dark Angel season 1 haha man i remember that show being less corny..I think I was just obsessed with Jessica Alba at the time)

But having watched it, I can honestly say its definitely worth seeing and if you're into small indy dark comedies like myself it's a small gem to add to your collection.

It's basically about these two guys and a girl who want to blackmail a reverend who looks at porn. But some small miscommunication leads to a whole lot of problems in just one night. And just when you think things can't get worse, they do and the results are wickedly funny. I kinda like those movies where everything happens in a night or within a certain amount of time I think its rarely pulled off especially in comedies.

As far as the look and feel of the movie, the camera work is surprisingly well done. Some interesting angles and first person views as well as scenes where they were broken up in to sections on the screen kind of like Ang Lee's Hulk but not as annoying and over done. There was even some animation in it.

This movie doesn't really change the genre of the money heist or capers movie but it definitely went an extra mile in terms of story, characters, and overall presentation...especially for a straight to dvd movie. Well paced, entertaining, and definitely funny. Check it out or borrow it from me. IF I LET YOU (muuhahahahahahahaha)

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