Wednesday, June 13, 2007

My last couple birthdays....

I think after I turned 21 I decided not to go all out on my birthday. It was either have a small get together and hang out, go see a movie, or just do nothing. And its kind of nice, it's a laid back feeling and I'm just chilled. I mean I'm not really into going to clubs or bars and I don't really drink a lot so I figure might as well just pull a Fonzie and just "be cool".

So, on my 22nd birthday I did nothing but then my cousins surprised me with a cake and Jackie's mom came by to say hello so it was like a small get together.

Then on my 23rd, my cousins tried to surprise me with a cake but then me and Frank went out the back door and scared them as they were trying to light my cake.

And what I did THIS year was.......

the photos:
My and my Gma on my 22nd
Me eating cake on my 23rd.
Me and Supes on my 24th.

(I look the same HAHA)

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