Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Happy Belated Birthday Sam!

So this post is dedicated to a good friend I met in college. She's definitely one of those people that has this staying power with you, not one to easily forget about.

Her birthday was on the 10th and I haven't spoken to her in so many years.

So I knew she had alot to say...heh. And the great thing about talking to Sam is that if you haven't spoken in awhile, there is never an awkward silence or a "what do we talk about now" moments, because with her you can just pick up and go. She talks about anything and everything and it's never dull or boring because when she speaks it's not just words, she speaks with her personality.

So when she's talking about a stray cat kind of adopting their lil window ledge as a home, I'm never rolling my eyes are drifting away. (I thought it was funny that she told me they have been feeding it dog food from a coffee mug. haha) I'm fully aware because Sam's telling the story and no one tells a story like she does.

And you know how people sometimes BS that they know a lot of stuff, well Sam knows a lot about a lot of things AND she'll call you on your BS if you don't have a slight clue as to what you're talking about.

She definitely is a character. She's full of character and I just find her a fascinating. She is a unique individual and I value that more then anything.

Anyways cheers Sam! You rock.

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