Friday, June 22, 2007

Review: Big Nothing

So I recently bought this movie not knowing if it was really any good or just a "big nothing" of a movie. (heh) But based on the trailer above and the fact that it has Ross from Friends and Simon Pegg of Shaun of the Dead fame, I took a gamble and picked it up instead of checking to see if the local blockbuster or hollywood video had any to rent.

I'm usually pretty good with the impulse buying when it comes to dvds. (Hard Candy, Igby Goes Down, Zero Effect) Some of these I just bought because I saw a cool poster for it, read the back of the box, or saw a clip or a small trailer.

But I have had my fair share of misses as well (Curse of the Golden Flower, Dark Angel season 1 haha man i remember that show being less corny..I think I was just obsessed with Jessica Alba at the time)

But having watched it, I can honestly say its definitely worth seeing and if you're into small indy dark comedies like myself it's a small gem to add to your collection.

It's basically about these two guys and a girl who want to blackmail a reverend who looks at porn. But some small miscommunication leads to a whole lot of problems in just one night. And just when you think things can't get worse, they do and the results are wickedly funny. I kinda like those movies where everything happens in a night or within a certain amount of time I think its rarely pulled off especially in comedies.

As far as the look and feel of the movie, the camera work is surprisingly well done. Some interesting angles and first person views as well as scenes where they were broken up in to sections on the screen kind of like Ang Lee's Hulk but not as annoying and over done. There was even some animation in it.

This movie doesn't really change the genre of the money heist or capers movie but it definitely went an extra mile in terms of story, characters, and overall presentation...especially for a straight to dvd movie. Well paced, entertaining, and definitely funny. Check it out or borrow it from me. IF I LET YOU (muuhahahahahahahaha)

Friday, June 15, 2007

Raoul Duke and Dr. Gonzo

Here's a quick drawing I did of Raoul Duke and Dr. Gonzo from the movie Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

I plan on finishing it and posting the finished version on my deviant site, so be sure to check it!

Sketches 6.15.07

I did some random sketches. I was watching the episode of Inside the Actor's Studio that featured Dave Chappelle on YouTube the other night. Really funny stuff but the audio and video are way off in some of the videos. So I drew a sketch of him while I was listening. And then I just kinda drew this weird punk girl with bunny rabbit ears and a foofy tail to fill the page. After that, I took a stab at drawing a panda bear. I've seen a lot of different artists do renditions of pandas and they always seem cool. Mine seems kinda plain jane but he's chillaxed with that drink and doesn't want any of your crap. ENJOY!

~ J

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Girl sketches

Here are bunch of sketches I did of various girls. I really like the winter one and the girl kinda slouched sleeping. Enjoy!

Bag Dad

This was an early sketch I did for a funny t-shirt character but I never bothered to submit it or finish it. Well kids, he's off to work.

My last couple birthdays....

I think after I turned 21 I decided not to go all out on my birthday. It was either have a small get together and hang out, go see a movie, or just do nothing. And its kind of nice, it's a laid back feeling and I'm just chilled. I mean I'm not really into going to clubs or bars and I don't really drink a lot so I figure might as well just pull a Fonzie and just "be cool".

So, on my 22nd birthday I did nothing but then my cousins surprised me with a cake and Jackie's mom came by to say hello so it was like a small get together.

Then on my 23rd, my cousins tried to surprise me with a cake but then me and Frank went out the back door and scared them as they were trying to light my cake.

And what I did THIS year was.......

the photos:
My and my Gma on my 22nd
Me eating cake on my 23rd.
Me and Supes on my 24th.

(I look the same HAHA)

My 24th year...

So here's a breakdown of what I did on my 24th bday.

I woke up around 8am.

Hit the snooze.

Woke up around 9:ooam.

Shut off the radio.

Turned on the tv.

Checked my phone. I got a text from Jackie @ 7:49am.

Text kept coming from Gigi @ 9:11am.

Then I got a text from John.

Jumped on the computer and checked the usual hotspots. The facebook, the myspace, the gmail. Got some "happy birthday" wishes from some peeps on there like Jacy and the O' Bros.

I then went to lunch @ Applebee's with Eden and her two cousins.

My old boss Andi from the school library walked in like 5 minutes after. That was a great suprise!!! I finally got to meet her baby daughter Sophie. She is so cute!

After Applebee's, I went home and checked the mail. I got a birthday card from my friend Janeen who had her daughter Laura make me one. IT was pretty sweet.

Saw my parents for the first time since yesterday (they were knocked out when I left.)

Jeff called and gave me a greeting!! I'm probably going to see him this weekend at Eric's brother's graduation party.

Decided to go see Ocean's 13 around 6pm. It wasn't too bad. The best parts are in the trailer but it was still pretty funny. The "Oprah" gag was hilarious and I want to hang out with George Clooney in real life.

After that, went to Best Buy and browsed around. I was looking for the Freaks & Geeks box set, but of course the moment I want to buy it, it's not there. Isn't that weird how that you see the thing you want but for some reason all those times you don't get it. Then when you are like oh yeah I'm gonna go pick that up now because you've said to yourself "it'll be there still", yeah it's not there.

So I browsed around some more and ended up picking this short movie called The Amazing Screw-On Head because I remember, my good buddy and film guru, Spencer told me it was really awesome. I always trust my friend Spencer's movie taste. So I read the back of the box and decided to pick it up.

I mean it's about this robot secret agent named Screw-On Head, called upon by President Lincoln, who has to stop Emperor Zombie from unleashing the occult powers upon the world or something like that. So I'm excited to watch it. So if anyone's curious, I'll let you borrow it.

Also, I picked up the Fight Club tin can edition which is bascially the same double disc previous released but now its in this nifty can set. Plus I didn't have the movie and it's well, it's Fight Club!

So with my new purchases, I headed home right about 8:45ish. I gave John a call back who left me a voicemail. Texted Frank and Jona back. I got home just in time for the Season 4 Premiere of Rescue Me. So I was pretty excited about the timing. I made myself dinner, two turkey sandwiches and an Arizona Green Tea.

About halfway near the end of the show I got a call from Lanie. She asked me how the rest of my day was and then Eric gave me a ring to wish me happy birthday. So now I'm rewatching the premiere and this pretty much brings us up to date.

So I'd like to give a thanks to everyone who texted me, messaged me, emailed me, wrote me cards, and called me. I mentioned that I didn't want to do anything big or special for my birthday and that the many messages and greetings was more then all I needed to enjoy my birthday. So, thanks again.

Photo Fun!

Hello! I thought I would post some recent pictures that I took over the past couple of weeks that turned out kinda cool. I always thought I had a good eye for taking pictures but I never really "developed" one. BUT I thought on some occasions I take some pretty dope ass pictures. haha. So here are some recent ones. You can click to view many photo albums I've put online.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Happy Belated Birthday Sam!

So this post is dedicated to a good friend I met in college. She's definitely one of those people that has this staying power with you, not one to easily forget about.

Her birthday was on the 10th and I haven't spoken to her in so many years.

So I knew she had alot to say...heh. And the great thing about talking to Sam is that if you haven't spoken in awhile, there is never an awkward silence or a "what do we talk about now" moments, because with her you can just pick up and go. She talks about anything and everything and it's never dull or boring because when she speaks it's not just words, she speaks with her personality.

So when she's talking about a stray cat kind of adopting their lil window ledge as a home, I'm never rolling my eyes are drifting away. (I thought it was funny that she told me they have been feeding it dog food from a coffee mug. haha) I'm fully aware because Sam's telling the story and no one tells a story like she does.

And you know how people sometimes BS that they know a lot of stuff, well Sam knows a lot about a lot of things AND she'll call you on your BS if you don't have a slight clue as to what you're talking about.

She definitely is a character. She's full of character and I just find her a fascinating. She is a unique individual and I value that more then anything.

Anyways cheers Sam! You rock.

My last threadless effort...another on the way!

I don't think I blogged about this. but This idea I had came after my cousin Liz took a photo of Lanie and I at the Shedd. We dubbed the photo "holphins", the half human, half dolphin hybrids. (seen here on the right)

So I thought it would be a sweet design for shirt but sadly the threadless voters didn't think so. Basically it's a "holphin" who's late for work and gets mad. He thinks to himself "this blows". I guess it didn't translate that well on a shirt because various people were like what? haha But it was still a blasty blast to draw. So enjoy! Plus say "holphin"'s funny right?

Late Bus - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever

BTW I have another idea in the works, I just haven't gotten it to computer yet. The idea is still rough on paper.

Thumbnail boards for "The Jazz Man"

Just to give you an idea of the many ways I like to storyboard, these very rough boards were for an old school animation I did entitled "The Jazz Man". It was a musical animation set to Mile Davis' "Summertime". The main character was this twenty something kid who played the clubs and to get some waitress tail. Eventually that would lead him to all kinds of trouble when he hooks up with the dangerous dame types.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Dragon Ornaments

A friend of mine contracted me to develop some ornament designs of dragons with specific "inspirational themes". However, they didn't end up using them and went another way or something. I had fun coming up with these designs and it would've been cool to see them as ornaments. Anyways enjoy!!

Playing with style...

Lately, I have been skipping the inking phase of things and just going right into the colors of certain pieces. I don't know but for some reason, I really like the look of it. It feels finished yet has the visible construction lines. It feels more natural I guess you could say. It has that sketch quality to it but it also looks complete and refined with the colors. Also, I've been messing around with my tablet more and trying to play with various air brush and paint techniques.

A belated birthday card.

So my cousin Lanie had asked me to illustrate a belated birthday card for her friend. Don't ask me why, but she calls her friend "moo". Anyways on that lil trivia fact alone, I had one of those Bob Hoskins' "lighting just struck my brain" moments and came out with a groovey image. Also she wanted me to make mention of the moment they knew she was a best friend. I don't know the whole story, but it started out with a bag of "Chester's Flaming Hot Popcorn", a smack in the face, and some mention of peeing the pants. That is all. So, I did just that and came up with the above. The first is the back of the card and the second is the front. Enjoy!!

The Incredible...annoying guy.

Ok so just to start things off, I recently went to the home opener of the Chicago Machine at Toyota Park with my brother and a couple of friends. The game was ok but I probably would have enjoyed it more if it weren't for uber fat guy wearing an Incredible's tshirt and spiked bracelets from Hot Topic. He would shout random things like "Headbutt them in the stomach!" and such classics as "Kick'em in the shins!!" This went on for the whole duration of the game, which the Chicago Machine lost by like a gajillion points. Anyhoo, this is what the guy looked like, no joke. Well, I added the Captain "N" belt buckle for added "coolness" effect haha. Enjoy! More to come....


Ok, well I haven't posted anything in a long while and that's by choice. So I decided to use this blog site as it was originally intended but determined to rant and post more.

I'm going to start putting more of my artwork on here and not just finished pieces. More like doodles, sketches, scribbles, and rants. Just for fun that way, it will force me to scan everything in my sketchbook and hopefully my readers will get something more to look at instead of that damn pirates 3 trailer thing. So starting up soon, this site is gonna be layered with artwork and some photos here and there. So let's begin!!!

- J