Sunday, December 30, 2007

Movies I've seen in 2007

So as you all know, I like watching movies...a lot. As the year winds down, here's a list of movies I've seen in 2007. Starting from January all the way up until now:
(keep in mind that most of these movies were widely or limited released, I'm not counting any of the more obscure, indie, foreign movies, or DTV I've seen)

Code Name:The Cleaner
Freedom Writers
Catch & Release
Smokin' Aces
Because I Said So
The Messengers
Music and Lyrics
Ghost Rider
Black Snake Moan
Wild Hogs
I Think I Love My Wife
Last Mimzy
Reign Over Me
Blades of Glory
The Lookout
Spiderman 3
28 Weeks Later
Georgia Rule
The Ex
Shrek the Third
Pirates 3
Mr. Brooks
Paris Je T'aime
Knocked Up
Ocean's 13
Fantastic Four: Rise Of The Silver Surfer
Surf's Up
Evan Almighty
Mighty Heart
Live Free, Die Hard
Harry Potter: Order of the Phoenix
Talk To Me
I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry
Simpsons Movie
Bourne Ultimatum
Hot Rod
Rush Hour 3
Death Sentence
Shoot'em Up
Eastern Promises
Across the Universe
The Kingdom
Heartbreak Kid
Michael Clayton
We Own the Night
30 Days of Night
Gone Baby Gone
Dan In Real Life
American Gangster
Bee Movie
Martian Child
No Country for Old Men
Golden Compass
I Am Legend

There's some good ones in there and a handful of stinkers....stay tuned as a I weed through the list and pick my top 10 of the year!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Seein' Colors

Here are some images I sketched on some downtime. I never drew the Flash ever, and I liked how the pose turned out. I tried to draw cookie monster less muppet and more monster, turned out ok. Well, Xmas is coming up fast! Hope everyone got their shopping in. I'll promise to post more "update" updates before the new year. Let you guys all in on some of my favorite movies of this past year and some other stuff that's going down in the near future. Stay tuned...

Harry Potter

Stupefy by ~happyfestivus on deviantART

click to enlarge!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Give 'em Hell, boy!

I've never drawn Hellboy before. This is my first attempt at it. Done with black and red marker. Pretty cool, although I think his head is too big. Either way, my first Hellboy drawing.

Pick a card, any card...

So I'm sorry I haven't posted a lot of updates in's the holidays you dig.

BUT I'm sure most of you comic-book nerds and geeks a like were pumped to see the new dark knight trailer online this past weekend OR if you were lucky enough to see the prologue before I Am Legend...which I intend to review for ya guys on here. So I did this Joker piece tonight after watching it over and over and over and over... HAHAHAHAHA. I did the original sketch with black and red markers. I used white-out for the face.

Click to enlarge:
Is this your card... by ~happyfestivus on deviantART

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Peanuts strip...

You're fan art, Charlie Brown by ~happyfestivus on deviantART

I have some news to post about some BIG NEWS but I don't have the time to post it JUST yet so I'll leave you with some Peanuts fan art. Click on it to enlarge! Have fun ENJOY!

Here, I threw in the lines as well.

Monday, December 03, 2007

He's got my vote!

My buddy Kyle asked me a while back to make him a bumper sticker for Jack Bauer. After looking at a bunch of designs and sketching out ideas I was finally able to come up with something that I liked. Hope he digs it too!

Click on the image to enlarge!

Bauer in '08 by ~happyfestivus on deviantART

Friday, November 30, 2007

Lone Wolf and Cub

Here's my take on the great manga that is Lone Wolf and Cub, here's the lines:

And here is the final that I uploaded to my deviant site:

Lone Wolf and Cub by ~happyfestivus on deviantART

click on the image to enlarge. I'm really happy with the way this turned out. Hope you guys like it too! Have at it!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Even more silliness!

A zume zumeeeeee!!

Fun with videos...

Here's some of the silliness that went down:

Superman that EM!


Movies, Games, Comics...load'em up!

Saturday 11.24

So after the mighty feast of the Russian wedding, John and Jax had made plans to HANG at their Condoodge around 5 for some pizza and just good times! So, I slept in a bit and went to work around 11. After that, I called up Jadda to ask her if her and her sisters needed a ride their. I stopped by a local comic book shop because I needed to buy some layout paper so I can get crackin' on the book. So I stroll in and to MY amazement they don't carry the paper...WTH! But, I did walk away with 3 graphic novels and a tiny crush on the girl who worked the register.

Man she was too cute. Oh oh yeah, back to the comics...I picked up Sidekick Vol. 1, Bastard Samurai Vol. 1, and this very funny book that rips on 80's TV entitled Truth, Justin, and The American Way. (yeah I bought it on the title alone but the story and artwork turned out to be amazing!)

I did this sketch of our bumbling hero, Justin, after I finished reading it:

After that, I headed home and played some Call of Duty 4 on the DS. I packed up a bag with Scattegories, my DS, and Frank's Xbox controllers. Jadda swung by and we headed for John and Jax's place. We got there at about 5:30 after I stopped at a 7 Eleven to pick up some ice. Jade and I were the first ones there followed by the Rems, then Jeff and Serena, then the Lags, Zeps, Cas girls, and Bacs. We ate pizza and played crazy hand clapping games. Then, we played a few rounds of Scattergories and laughed our asses off. John and Belly were clearly the team to beat! We played some Halo 3 until 11-midnight. I took the Cas girls home because Jade left early with her parents. After that, I crashed into bed falling asleep to the special features disc of Live Free, Die Hard.

Sunday 11.25

Vegged the whole day, worked on finishing up some commission work while watching and completely finishing the entire season 3 of Desperate Housewives.

Come Tuesday I'll have picked up Hot Rod, Futurama Vol.1 with Bender's Big Score, and Hot Fuzz 3 Disc. Geez I own way too many DVDS. But, it'll keep me occupied while I either work from home or background ambience

Thanksgivin and Weddings....bring on the pounds.

So, I have posted in awhile. Sorry about that. I hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving, I know I did.

Thursday 11.22

So, we had lunch at my Aunt Carol's house (down the blizzock....yeah I just said that.) We all sorta ended up in the master bedroom watching Shrek 3 and taking pictures and goofing off. I think we all ate enough to the point that we were passing out. Around 6pm we went to my house for dinner. My Pops and just driven my mom to work and Jax was watching the Ham. Around 6:30 or so everyone came by with food and we had Thanksgiving dinner at our place. OR COURSE, there was left overs. But hey, it'll be gone within the week.

So we had peeps everywhere. Some upstairs rocking out to GH 3 and most of the boys downstairs playing a lil Halo 3 action:
Night went on til about midnight. Lanie hanged back til about 1am. I knocked out ready for....

The Wedding Friday 11.23

So my cousin Joey got married this weekend and it was a traditional Russian wedding and a traditional Russian reception. Talk about eating, the reception was non stop food. Sushi bar appetizers and then seafood appetizers served, then more hot meals like quail and lamb, then even more stuff like venetian potatoes and eggroll type of food, and then main course wasn't till midnight, followed by ice cream, fruit, AND cake deserts. Of course there was dancing in between, gotta burn off the food we just ate. Whew I was stuffed but it was very interesting and such good times with the cousins. They played the NUMA NUMA song!!! hahaha. But yeah, it was sooooo much fun and I'd go into further detail but it's one of those you had to be there to see it. I mean there sooooo much food there it felt like Thanksgiving: The Sekwell (haha, Lanie)

Monday, November 19, 2007

Here comes the mop....

Mop Boy by ~happyfestivus on deviantART

This character is based off an inside joke between my cousin Lanie and I. Click the pic to enlarge to full Mop-icity. HAHAHA

"Whatdya bench?"

So how come all the guys at my gym where hollister muscle tank top shirts and wear long baggy basketball shorts, with like abercromie hats that are like those purposely battered wear and tear caps like it LOOKS like it's been in a wash a couple dozen times.

AND today's topic of conversation: "Matt Damon's not really a good choice for sexiest man alive for 2007."


Sunday, November 18, 2007

The Cousins invade youtube and some sketches because I know you miss it!

Sunday 11.18

So I woke up and checked my email. I found a link to this video in my inbox:

So, my cousins made a youtube video....UH OH haha they're so funny. I hope they make more because they're AWESOME. Good job girls!

I know I haven't been posting a while and I've been so busy that I haven't had really a lot of time to draw or hit my sketchbook. So throughout the week, I was able to get my fix in and I have a bunch of stuff I did on some post its and paper:

I like that picture I did of Spock and Chewie on a post it. Anyways, I'll try not to wait so long next time when I post stuff. Hopefully more art to follow.

Almost two weeks worth.....

Well, it's been forever and a day (nice Lnk) since I've updated this and I have lots of stuff to say and lots of movies to talk about AND some recent sketch stuff I did. I don't have that many finished pieces to show because I've been really occupied with work and there are a lot of upcoming family things going on. Also, I've been doing more commissions/freelance work lately and I haven't had time to do anything just for fun you know.

So, let's see what can I remember from the last week.

Here are some highlights:

I saw Fred Claus with Jp. It was a really funny movie. There were a lot of adult jokes and scenarios in there that would keep the parents entertained while it's still one of those family christmas holiday feel good movies. It seems like Vince Vaughn ad libbed that entire thing. Paul Giamatti makes a good Santa Claus and there were some surprising cameos and supporting roles in there. If you haven't seen it, check it out. I was rollin'.

I picked up Call of Duty 4 on the DS. Right now, its the best game I own for my DS. It took some time getting used to the controls but they translate really well to the handheld system. The graphics are really awesome and the game itself is super fun. My one problem is that I can pump guys with full clips and they're not dead haha...I think my aiming just sucks.

I also picked up Dane Cook's Rough Around The Edges cd. It's pretty funny and it came with a dvd but I think his Retaliation is funnier. It seems to me he's gotten more dirty and nastier as a comic in that he talks a lot about sex jokes.

Saturday 11.10

I went to this fundraiser dinner raffle thing for my friend's dad. He's one of those Shriners who works with hospitals for children and participates in parades and all that. It was really interesting but fun none the less. I got this cool santa hat made out of balloons hahaha:

Wednesday 11.14

I attended a wake for my friend's mother who passed away unexpectedly that weekend. My condolences go out to Bridgette and her family. May your mother, Rose, rest in peace.

Thursday 11.15

After work, Lanical "ran away" to my house (haha) and we had some din din together. We just hung out as I worked on some stuff and she did her homework. It was fun because I haven't seen her in awhile and we always have a blasty blast. She borrowed my Planet Terror or as she says "Planet of Terror" haha. Love you lanical! After she left, I watched the Thursday night line-up that I taped while she was over. 30 Rock was hilarious, fell asleep watching Scrubs.

Friday 11.16

I went in to work today, they had asked me to come in instead of my usually Saturday which worked out great because I was planning on accompanying Em to ISU to pick up KJ. I went to blockbuster and rented Jackie Chan's The Myth, Trust the Man, starring Evolution alums David Duchovny and Julianne Moore, and Tekkon Kinkreet. I got home and watched The Myth which wasn't too bad for a straight to video Jackie Chan movie. The last half of the movie got kind of overboard with flying around a secret tomb and dead guys that aren't dead and princesses who aren't dead and all this weird liquid metal looking stuff. If you watch it, you'll know what I mean. On a side note, I can't wait for The Forbidden Kingdom I hope it's more crouching tiger and less Wendy Wu....yeah I went there. I played Guitar Hero 3 until Emil came to get me. We ate at Jimmy John's and went to UPS to pick up his camera that he sent in to get fixed...cause some idiot ran down a sand dune with it....GEEZ...haha yeah it was me.

On the way to ISU, I played CoD4 on my DS and listened to music. We chit chatted and at around 10pm we arrived at ISU. Kj made some mac and not in adobo sauce. We got ice cream and came back to chill. Kj went to pack and Em and I watched Chuck and Larry. Well, I managed to stay up till the very end. I think Em passed out right after the Jessica Biel scene. Geez, how many times did I blog about that part HAH.

Saturday 11.17

Woke up and was out the door by 6am. Got back into chi-town by 8:30am just in time for Mass for Frank @ St. Marys. The Rem's and I then went to Huck Finns where I had a not so great Reuben sammich. After that, we headed to the cem to visit Frank and then back to my house. My 'rents were knocked out so they left. After they left, I went to BB and the bullseye. I picked up Shrek 3 and the new Alicia Key's cd, As I Am. It's so good. My favorite track on there is Teenage Love Affair which after first listening to it reminded me of the Jackson 5. It's grooooveeey.

I came back home and listened to the cd while working on some freelance. I ate dinner and watched the movie, Trust the Man. It's like one of those New York romantic comedies. However, the comedic performances were all excellent and it was just really funny. The two leading men in the film, David Duchovny and Billy Crudup, were hilarious in their roles as Tom and Tobey. Tom(Duchovny) is a stay at home dad who wants more sex from her wife (Julianne Moore) and Tobey(Crudup) is her dim witted brother who can't commit to her girlfriend Elaine(Maggie Gyllenhall). Its worth the rent, check it out. After that, I watched last week's episode of Smallville on the TiVo. Went back to my room and fell asleep watching Shrek 3.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Bee excited, bee bee excited!

Tuesday 11.07

Hey all, I was able to whip this up while I was watching Jessica Biel show her talent in Chuck and Larry.......amazing haha.

After watching Bee Movie the other night, I thought it would be fun to draw what I would look like if I were in the movie. Hope you like!

Jay Bee by ~happyfestivus on deviantART

Why more pie?! They say BRING IT ON!

So yeah, why are they making more American Pie movies and Bring It On movies? I just saw trailers for American Pie: The Beta House and Bring It On: In It To Win It!.......!?

WTF? I mean like, why does Eugene Levy keep making these movies? You think the best character was Jim's dad so that's why they kept making the sequels and eventually just bringing back the Dad for each it "ties" in with the other movies?!

And how much more can you do with white girls against black girls in a cheer off? I love the concept of the latest Bring It On..where it's east coast vs. west coast..but both sides are white girls...but then they join forces to take on the WAY better black girl team.....SERIOUSLY?! HAHA

Frankie say vote now!

My Submission

Monday, November 05, 2007

Random Sketches of the week

I did a lot more sketches but I'm going to turn them into deviant art posts...which means I'm going to make'em all sexy like.

Anyways the first one is me at work:
And only a sick bastard like the Joker can cave in poor Jason Todd's face with a crowbar and find it funny:

Martians, gangsters, and bees OH MY!!

Friday 11.02

Not much to report really but I'll do the short version because it's late and I've been on my comp all day.

  • Saw the AM show of Martian Child with John Cusack. Good movie, I enjoyed it. It might be too sappy for others.
  • Later that night, I saw American Gangster with Jp and Jax. GREAT movie. LONG. Denzel and Crowe were excellent.
Saturday 11.03

  • Woke up and went to work.
  • Finished up work.
  • John and Jax picked me up and we went to Mokena to celebrate her cousin's 21st bday.
  • During the car ride there, I was able to start and finish Powers Vol.10: Cosmic.
  • Ate.
  • Poker.
  • Ate.
  • Played Resistance: Fall of Man on Ps3.
  • Compared Blu-Ray and HDVD.
Sunday 11.04

  • Woke up.
  • Saw that daylight's saving time kicked in.
  • Went back to bed.
  • Woke up and waited for Jazzy.
  • Around 1:30 I took Jazzy, Geebo, and Skye to see Bee Movie.
  • Laughed ass off. GREAT movie...worth multiple viewings.
  • Came back and played Guitar Hero III for like 2 hours with the girls. (Did I mention I bought that?)
  • Zeps came back from watching American Gangster.
  • Got pizza from Lido's.
  • Ate.
  • Everyone eventually left with the Cas Girls leaving around 8pm.
  • Started coloring Reaper drawing.
  • Took a break.
  • Passed out closer to 4am.
Monday 11.05

  • Woke up around 7am.
  • Snooze.
  • Woke up again around 10am.
  • Eventually got up around noon.
  • Decided to work out in the evening instead.
  • Went to the bank.
  • Came back and warmed up some leftovers from the other night.
  • While chowing down I finished watching Better Off Dead. "TWO DOLLARS!"
  • Was on the comp pretty much all day.
  • Worked out @ 5pm.
  • Came back before 7 and showered.
  • Made dinner and watched Chuck.
  • Worked on the comp while Heroes was on.
  • Took a break and watched Journeyman.
  • Finished Reaper drawing closer to midnight.
  • Checked facebook, myspace, threadless, joblo, blogs.
  • Kevin Smith is now my facebook friend. WOOOT
  • Updating blog right now as I listen to Dinner for Five in the bg.


REAPER by ~happyfestivus on deviantART

click on the image to read all about it!!!

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Quick, let's get a nominated actor and put him in Spiderman 3....

Then at the final epic battle turn him into a CGI 50 foot sand monster. THEN bring in some of that academy award worthy like performance at the end to wrap up HIS side of the story on why/how he killed Uncle Ben...FINALLY after all that...have him float away in a "sand storm" against the sunrise of beautiful New York City....AND OH YEAH Harry dies. WHAT?! hahah

Soooo EMO

Remember when Peter Parker pulls half of his hair down to cover one side of his face because he's all affected by the symbiote....*sigh.

It's Halloween!!

Wednesday 10.31

EDWARD CARVES A PUMPKIN by ~happyfestivus on deviantART

Sketched this @ work. We had a small Halloween party so I dressed up as a mild mannered reporter:People dug my costume AND it didn't cost me anything haha. Well, Happy Halloween.

Frankenstein say what?

FRANKIE SAY RELAX - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever

Over my college weekend visit, I was doodling on Jadda's dry erase board on her door and sketched out this funny image...then the more I thought about it the more I thought it would make for a pretty cool shirt. So I tweaked the look of the character. Hopefully the threadless peeps out there will dig it!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Why you should watch 30 Rock...

My cousin Jason sent me this clip from 30 Rock last week. Alec Baldwin is a comedic genius. Enjoy!

ISU, BRADLEY family weekend of fun.

Saturday 10.27

Em, swung by 9ish to go to ISU to visit KJ. We had a family weekend planned and a bunch of the cousins decided to go. So we loaded the car and Em, Belly, Frad, and myself took a 2 + hour drive to Normal, IL to visit KJ. Jp, Jax, and Jaz followed...or lead the 2 car convoy. We got their around 12 noon. There was a picnic and a gigantic play ground with swings and tubes and things to crawl on:

We ate and played basketball and took pictures for a while before leaving to go to Bradley University to see Jadda's dorm and go eat dinner. On the way, we stopped by to see these houses on hills. There were these really awesome views of Peoria and the lake that were really cool to photograph especially with the fall colors:

After that, we hit up Culver's for dinner and said goodbye to Jp and Jax. Jaz stayed with the Cas Girls and we hit up a pumpkin patch real late at night. I missed out on a pumpkin carving party so I was kind of jonesin, (haha lanie) to carve me some pumpkins later in the evening. After hanging out for maybe half an hour or so (it was getting cold) we packed up the pumpkins and headed back to ISU. The Cas group stayed behind because they were checking into a hotel by Jadda's place. We tried to get into some bowling but the lane's were super busy so we opted for a Walmart run and a trip to KJ's local video store. We rented Unaccompanied Minors. We got back and I started thinking of ideas for my pumpkin carving. I didn't know what to think of to carve and I wanted to do something simple since it's my first time carving a pumpkin. I got this pumpkin carving kit and it came with some templates but I went with a vampire design I sketched out on paper:

I CARVED A PUMPKIN by ~happyfestivus on deviantART

During this time, Frad put Ghostbusters on. People were getting sleepy and eventually everyone started to go to bed. I stayed up to finish Belly and Kj's pumpkin, a bat template from the carving kit. I stayed up and talked with KJ, her roommate Andrea, and her sister Nicole. Nicole just so happens to be a STL/Peace/Rice/McCauley band alum so we've known each other way back when. After everyone decides to sleep, I lay out on the living room floor with KJ and watch the movie we rented. It was closer to 3am when that started. It's a pretty funny kid/X-mas movie. I fall in and out of sleep and manage to watch a good chunk of it. KJ passes out within the first 2 minutes.

Wake up around 8:45am and everyone slowly gets up. We make pancakes, another first for me, and we head off to Sunday Mass. We make a break for Flat Top Grill. Before packing up, we head to Target and fight with myself whether or not to pick up Guitar Hero III on the ps2. I decide not to and we go back to the apt and pack up our shit. We say goodbye to KJ and head home. I was sad because it was such a fun weekend but peeps gotta get edumacated and other peeps gotz to work for that paper yo. I didn't want to leave though. Ah well, another weekend, another time.

I was semi-tired but I didn't fall asleep. Em and I listened to the Bears game and I read My Boring-Ass Life. Got back to 'view in like 2 hours or so. We visited Frank before Em took me home. I crash in my bed finishing My Boring-Ass Life. I surf the net and upload the photos from the weekend onto my facebook while listening to Shaun Of The Dead cast commentary. After that, I pass out watching the movie LOL.

The TV Set & Dan In Real Life

Thursday 10.26

During the Dog Bite Dog viewing...which I lost total interest in halfway through I sketched some weird sea creature things which I ended up really liking:

After that, I watched the other movie I rented, The TV Set. This film is really funny. If you like that "Deadpan" type of comedy then you'll love this movie. David Duchovny is exceptionally at conveying this type of comedy and it truly is hilarious. The film is about the inner workings of pilot season and what happens when a tv writer wants to bring his unique vision to the small screen. During this period he goes through ridiculous directors, horrible casting sessions, and having to deal with the head honchos of a major TV network. It really is an interesting look into TV and how funny and frustrating it all can be. The other kudos to the movie that I love is that it's written and directed by Jack Kasdan. He's responsible for one of my favorite movies of all time, Zero Effect. The combination of Kasdan's writing and Duchovny's comedic timing makes this small movie stand out against all the "regular" movies out there. If you haven't seen either, I suggest you pick them up and give them a viewing.

Friday 10.26

I woke up and headed to work. While waiting for some file's to get uploaded, I kept in line with the whole "tentacle" theme from the other night and sketch some more stuff including some rad X-Men doodles. It is nearing Halloween so maybe I've been in a weird "creature" mode:

After work, I went by the bank and then headed out to the movie theater to catch the 4:25pm show of Dan In Real Life starring the very funny Steve Carell. When I got to the show, the time at the theater read 4:45pm so I thought I was early by half an hour. So I bought the ticket and went to read in my car. As soon as I entered the theater @ 4:40 the movie was already playing so I was like, "WTF?" I checked the theater and I read the wrong time box because the jackasses didn't take down the special screening times that they held on Saturday. So I was semi-pissed but only to find out I missed like 5-10 minutes because I forgot about the previews and the opening credits were still playing. So I sit through what is a pretty enjoyable movie. Carell is on fire and brings on the funny. It's one of those "feel good movie" movies. However, I only felt lukewarm towards Dane Cook, who was casted as the younger brother. He didn't fit in the movie really. I give him his props for trying something different. I just think he's too BIG of a name to be casted in a role..that's not really suppose to be funny. PLUS he's playing opposite Steve Carell who is "on screen" funny while Dane Cook is "stand up" funny. Sometimes transitioning from those two types of funny doesn't always go the way you want it. I said "funny" a lot.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Dog bite Dud....

Yeah I just finished watching that Dog Bite Dog movie. It wasn't that good. I lost interest about half way through and went back on the computer to look at art blogs. It's like an action movie but I felt like I was waiting for it to be action movie. Then when it got to the action it was just a bunch of people stabbing each other...not really what I was looking for. WEAK. Hopefully my other rent is better: The Tv Set.

The new firefox and Scrubs is back!!!!

Thursday 10.25

So had some downtime at work while I was waiting for some stuff to upload. I drew my take on the Firefox logo. How cool would it be to have an actual fox on fire..... watching over the earthf.

ANYWAYS got home and watched the NBC line up. Scrubs was back for it's final season. The best part was The Todd's shirt which had a giant arrow pointing down and it read "Shhhhh Dong Sleeping." LOL!!!! That was good stuff.

On the way home I rented The Tv Set and Dog Bite Dog.

I popped in Dog Bites Dog and am currently not watching the previews which gives me a chance to update this.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Fido, Popeye, and "Work's Finest"

Wednesday 10.24

So I woke up today and before work I was watching Fido on dvd for a second viewing. I peeped the flick last night and if you're a fan of zombies then you should totally pick this one up. It's a really cool twist on the zombie story. It like lassie but instead of a's a zombie. It's hilarious, all the sets are sent in the '50s and it has that look straight out of a Norman Rockwell painting..but you know..with zombies! Anyways go watch this flick right now, it's awesome.

Before I leave, I check out and there's this interesting article about Tom Hanks having a myspace and it's really him. So I peep it..and sure enough it's him....because there's a video on the site and on it he says "I'm Tom Hanks. This is my myspace." So I put in a friend request and by the day's end...I'm Tom Hank's friend!! Whoo hooo!!! His electric car video is awesome!

I head off to work. Work's well, I spend my lunch in the car reading His Boring Ass Life. I come home and spend most of the night on the phone talking to Moo and then Janeen. Still haven't eaten yet, I hang up around 9ish and pull in a late dinner while I put in Popeye the Movie. (yeah that's right) I actually really like this movie and it's hilarious and it's a musical.....probably the only Robert Altman movie I'll like...other then M*A*S*H. Anyways it still holds up to me but I put the movie on pause as Lanical calls me to chat about her concert.

Oh here's a sketch I did of Supes and Bats while at work waiting for some files to upload...get it "Work's Finest". Instead of World's Finest. "Clever girl" I mean Jay.

Employees must wash hands BEFORE using bathroom!?!

So I was in a public restroom and I was taking a leak and this guy comes in and washes his hands...and then AFTER he washes his hands....he goes and takes a piss?! What is that shit? He washed his hands and then he touches his wang!? And yeah he didn't wash his hands AFTER he peed and touched his dongle....gross.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

...hard to concentrate.

Tuesday 10.23

I couldn't concentrate today because it's Frank's birthday. All I wanted to do was go to the cemetery and just hang there and talk to him. Work moves by slow and manage to be all smiles at work even though I'm struggling inside. Sometimes just saying "this fucking flat out sucks" is the best way to describe the past couple of months. It's hard...shit yeah it is. I do doodle some at work though:

It keeps my mind off things....even my work can't keep my mind off of you not here....*sigh.

I manage to think about you in a good light though Frank. I remember all the stupid, dumb, and hilarious stuff we used to talk about. It puts a a small smile on my face. Memories of you make me feel better....the good ones at least. After the quickstop at Walmart, I went to your facebook and read all the comments and blog posts people have wrote to you and or about you. You've made an impact on everyone...come visit me in a dream and we'll talk about it. I love you....I wish I told you that more...but you probably would've called me 'gay'....and we'd joke about it later.

Happy Birthday Frank!

I could be cheesy and quote that Puff Daddy know the one. But I hate P.Diddy and you know this. HAHA but "I'll be missing you....". I love you Frank....happy birthday.

Monday, October 22, 2007

We own...30 days of night + the weekend wrap up.

Thursday 10.18

After work, I meet up with my good friend Clare for some coffee at Starbucks. We chat chit for a good 2 hours about anything and everything. I enjoy talking to Clare, she's probably one of the best conversationalist I know. You can pick up and have a conversation with her about anything at anytime and the best is that you branch off of other subjects and have other conversations. Plus we always end up having a good laugh about stuff to the point where my sides hurt. She's by far the coolest person to talk to. We chat-chit for about 2 hours until we both decide we need to get back to our homes to watch The Office. I chillax and watch the NBC line up and eventually pass out to some tv.

Friday 10.19

I get up early and hit the office to pick up my check. Make a the bank not on the toliet. I head over to catch the early show of We Own The Night. It's a flick that's not too bad but I had some problems with it's pacing and action beats...or lack of. It's good in terms of the performances with all the actor exercising their acting chops but I felt it needed more guts.

I get home and decide to go to the gym for a bit. After that, I pop in to Super Cuts. I come home and take a shower and bum around for a bit until I leave for Schaumburg around 7:00pm for an 8:25pm show of 30 Days Of Night. A flick I really end up digging. It's not really that scary but I did jump a bit and the gore was just the right amount. I think it was more disturbing and unsettling in terms of the content and the whole no hope for anyone. I mean 30 days in the cold with blood thirsty vampires...F THAT. haha

The look of it was amazing too. It was just so pale and dull every scene looked so dead. It translated from panel to screen really well I thought, especially with it's look and style.

Post flick the crew wanted to go grab a bite to eat but I'm not up for driving back so late. Plus I have work the next day. I pass on the late din din and start heading back to Bridgeview. I'm almost home and I get a text from my friend Josie about grabbing some food at the IHOP by my house. Since it's so close I say why not, plus I WAS starting to get some late night hunger craves. So we meet around 12:30am and I dig into a ham and 3 cheese omelette.

Josie's also another person I like talking to about anything. Everytime I sit with her and talk I'm taking back to the grade school days of yesteryear. We always talk about "back in the day" which is one of my favorite things to do. Not because I have regrets or that I'm living in the past but those days were so simple and care free and fun back then. It's never a bad thing to take a trip down memory lane. If I can shoot the shit with a close friend like Josie, it's even better because it's memories you both end up reliving through conversation. We sit and talk for about 2 hours until we decide that we both need sleep. I say goodbye and head home. Like an idiot I turn on my computer and check mail, myspace, and facebook. I hit the bed by 3am.

Saturday 10.20

I wake up at 7:45am and eventually snooze till like 9am. Work's not til 11-11:30am. I doze off and have this very bizarre dream where my brown hoodie is slowly losing it's thread around the sleeves and some other weird which I wake up and suddenly realize I've overslept. I wake up splash some cold water in my face and brush my teeth. I head out the door and make it to work by 11:15 - 11:25am. Work goes well and I'm out the door making my way to the cemetery. All the cousins are suppose to meet up and say hi to Frank. After I've picked up the Cas girls I meet at the cemetery and all the cousins are there. I say hi to Kj who I haven't seen in what seems like forever. We pray and head back to the house. We have a sort of get together for all the october bdays: Jp, Frank, Jax. We have good times and we try to play halo 3 which ends up breaking Frank's xbox. Jeff calls Microsoft and he has to send it back so they can send us a new one. What a bummer. With nothing to do, we decide to play some Texas Hold'em. I usually never play because I don't know how but I decide to learn and all the guys teach me how to play..which I end up doing pretty well the first couple of hands. I think the biggest hand was the full house I had over Jeff and John's full house. I had the higher hand. Anyway we order pizza and most of the fam is scattered throughout the house. Some are playing pool, some are in the dining room, some in my room but when it's pizza time, we all head in and grab some slices. The night starts to wind down and soon enough it's just Jp, Jax, and the Cas girls. We watch a rerun SNL. Cas girls say good night and I retire to the bed.

Sunday 10.21

Just another Lazy Sunday. Never leave the room and only step outside to get some bird food at Pet Smarts.

Monday 10.22

Johnny Mo's bday! Happy birthday big bro. I love you man! Wake up around 11:00am and grab some lunch before meeting John and Jax at the Quarry to watch Gone Baby Gone. Wow. This movie was incredible and I hope it gets a bunch of Oscar nods. I want to see it again. Trust me, go see this flick...directed by the 'fleck. (haha sorry that joke was horrible).

After that, we went to Chili's and I munched on awesome blossom and had a cheese steak sammich with some fries. Stuffed, we say goodbye to Jp and Jax and I ride back with the 'rents.

I mess around with my 30 Days sketch that I did over the weekend. Ends up looking like this:

leave no survivors.... by ~happyfestivus on deviantART

- Tomorrow's Frank's bday. (10.23)

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Work Warrior!!!

Saturday 10.13

After waking up and rocking out my Beakman's World science hour, I got dressed and head off to work.

Got home around 4pm, after I've made a stop at Hobby Lobby to get some new non photo blue pencils because the other ones I bought suck. John and Jax we're at the house because Pops needed help with the garage they hung around for a bit before taking off at 6pm. I haven't ate anything yet and I was mostly on my computer all night when I started thinking about going to LaGrange to catch a late show. Just then, I get txt from my friend Nicole asking me what's up. I tell her about my evening plans but possibly staying in and taking in a movie from the comfort of home. I offer if she would interested to come with me if I decide to peep a flick. She happily agrees and I decide to make it a dinner and a movie special. So we meet up at the local IHOP and dine in some late dinner. We decided to watch Across The Universe since it's something we both seemed interested in. I was going to see 3:10 to Yuma but alas I'll have to put that on hold yet again. Maybe later in the week, who knows. I heard mix things about the movie so I'm pretty open minded. After dinner, she leaves her car at my place and I drive up to Woodridge since it's only playing in limited areas. After a gazillion movie trailers we finally take in the flick.

About 2 hours and 10 minutes go by but it feels like eternity. I walk out feeling only half pleased with the flick. My gripe is that the movie's second half takes away too much from the overall plot and has these characters tripping like they're on something for like almost an hour. Brace yourself people, once I Am The Walrus begins singing, you're in for a REALLY long haul. On the drive back, Nicole and I share thoughts about the movie and we both agree it's not worth multiple viewings but if you're interested and brave enough, peep it out. I get home it's late, I sink into bed.

Sunday 10.14

I devoted most of this day to working on personal illustrations/commissions. I was suppose to go and work on the comic book with the crew but again that got pushed back because E had a graduation party to attend last minute and it was for a close friend. Jacy called me and said he wasn't feeling to well anyway so I told him it's cool because Eric wasn't going to make either way.

So with my afternoon shot, that's when I decide to sketching and commissions. As I do this from the comfort of my room (I guess), I suddenly miss the art table my dad had got me a long time ago. The art table I ended up chucking or getting rid of because I never used it and it was clunky and stupid. This all sinks in as I pull up one of those tv dinner type of fold up tables and begin working on some stuff I haven't been able to touch in the last couple days.

I listen to music and leave my trilian running. I get a IM from the Skye. She tells me she made me a keychain with Frank and I doing the powerstance. I tell her that I'm gonna come by and pick it up and drop off the Surf's Up dvd. Geebo and her were the ones that saw Surf's Up with me and it was one of the funniest and better movies to have come out this past summer. She tell's me no worries as she's going to walk by here with Geebo later to drop off the key chain. They come by, quick visit and I decide to take a break from what I was doing and walk back with them. I let her borrow Over The Hedge as well. I show Skye how to do some things like putting up links and adding page elements on our blog. After the quick tutorial, we go outside to see Geebo shooting some hoops. I hang, tell stories, make them laugh, and grab some Caprisun's for the walk back.

I finish the commish @ around 10. I'm not sure if you remember but last time I posted some sketches I did for my friend's nephew. Her nephew, who came up with his own superhero, Wolfman. Ahhh to be young again. After laying down the heavy inks...yes I filled it in by hand and I actually inked over my own lines for once..... I came up with this:

Wolfman commission... by ~happyfestivus on deviantART

So, after I wrap this up, I shoot her a text to let her know I'm all done. She wanted it in time for his bday which is this Wednesday, the 17th.

I finish up High Fidelity and hit the bed and watch 1408.

Monday 10.15

This was probably the most boring of all the days. I pretty much played catch up with my online work ALL DAY. I only took a brief half hour or so to visit Frank with my mom but all I did that day was work on the computer for 9 hours or so. BLAH but I'm pretty much all caught up. WHEW! I kick in to NBC's Monday Night Line up but only really paying attention when Journeyman starts. After that, I dink around the internet till it's like 10. I pop in American Splendor which I bought used at blockbuster for like 2 dollars (what a steal and no real scratches on the disc) and half watch it knocking out around 11.

Tuesday 10.16

Work week begins and it goes surprisingly well and it's my solo week too. I'm not being shadowed or anything because my co-worker is off enjoying the wonderful bliss of being a newly wed. So, I'm kind of nervous about the day because I have to go at it alone but it ends up turning out to be a good day. On my way to the shoot, I rocked out to some Office and then on the way back from the shoot I kicked it gansta with WC's new album. Wow...the joys of being able to drive a car with a cd player in it. I know, get with the times dude, but when my mom bought her amigo which has now become my friend...(get it.....ok then) she didn't bother to get any of the "high tech" stuff, keep in mind this is back in '97...she considers that high tech.

SOoooo yeaaaahh, no cd player in the car but I do have a tape deck! SCORE! I can play that Erasure tape over and over I also had the soundtrack to The Crow on tape but I don't know where I put that. Anyway, all I'm sayin is that it's nice to listen to cd's in a car. I don't have an iPod or anything, not even a cd player with the stupid tape deck thing. Thankfully I don't take my car to these shoots.

I get home like closer to 7:30 because I stopped to get Planet Terror at WalMart on the way back. When I get home, Fred and Auntie Geng are talking with Pops about a ticket they went to contest. After they leave, I get some food and pretty much chill because I'm tired from the day. Lanie calls me around 11 and we end up talking to 1 in the morn. I tell her I have work and I got to hit the bed. As much as the movie fills me with glee, I can't fight it and fall asleep...chuckling as the zombie/soldiers rip Fergie to shreds.

Wednesday 10.17

I wake up and finish Planet Terror before I head off to work. A very long day goes by because I don't have a photo shoot to do. So as I keep myself occupied with work all day, I sketch some sweet head shots of various characters on this yellow pad of paper that was left by my desk. What started out as a tiny doodle of an old lady and Captain America eventually turned into this:

For the most part, they all ended up looking cool but that sketch of Mikey chewing down the slice of 'za rubs me the wrong way. See if you can guess some of the other characters on the page. The guy in the hat, the fat dude with the stash, the lil boy, and the g'ma are all no one in particular.

I finish up, check my voice mail on the way out, and hit the road. I call my friend to see if she still wanted to catch a movie today but the weather's shitty and she doesn't pick up. I leave her a message and make for home. I come home to an empty house so I'm assuming me mums got work. After being on a computer all day, the first thing I do is turn on my PC.....DURH. I play some MOH: Pacific Assault for half an hour or so. I chillax after and call my friend who had me do the commission for her nephew. It's Wednesday and she hasn't gotten back to me yet. She tells me she didn't get any of my text messages and assumed I didn't get to work on the project. So, we make arrangements for either this weekend or next weekend to meet up as she'll take it to him as a late birthday present. I grab some dinner and begin to watch Letter's From Iwo Jima since I haven't really gotten down to watch it. It's subtitled so I can't just have it on in the background while I do other things. I'm enjoying the flick 4o minutes in until I get a txt from Lanie to remind me about an all new Sarah Silverman Project. I quickly put the movie on hold and watch that instead. During the show I text Lanie repeatedly repeating lines from tonights ep that I found hilarious. She calls me a little after it's done and tells me she passed out. We end up chat chitting for the next hour. I begin to update the diary as she says goodnight and hangs up.

Saturday, October 13, 2007


Who remembers this show? I wake up today after rocking out to some Weeds Season 2 last night and the alarm gets me up at 7. I snooze it till about 8:30 and boob around on the tube trying to wake my ass up. I stumble on Beakman's it still holds up. I wish science class was as fun as this show I probably wouldn't have gotten a D in Biology my sophmore year in H.S. (don't worry that was at mid term and I brought it up to B...I think.)

To wake my ass up even more, I reach for the pen and sketchbook and whip up a quick 1o minute Beakman's World warmup. ENJOY!!

Droppin' Some Knowledge... by ~happyfestivus on deviantART

Friday, October 12, 2007

Week 2: Back on the job, movies, and even more movies! It's what I do.

Tuesday 10.9

I wake up around 7am. Snooze it till about 7:45am where I then ACTUALLY get up and hop in the shower. I take my time trying to wake my ass up with hot water. I get out, turn on the PC, and put the tube on in the background listening to music videos. I check email and find it rather boring to be checking the internets so early in the morn. At around 9:30am I head out to work.

Tuesday's shift goes pretty well and I actually end up driving to the photo shoots today. It's a pretty long ass drive from last time I remember. I guess because I wasn't the one driving and I was talking to my co-worker the whole time while Sidekicking. I put in my work time and head home. I contemplate heading to Walmart on my way home but I decide to pass as my tummy grumbles. I get home about 7:00 o' clock and Pops made some chicken fajitas. I set up a plate and check the email and wait for Reaper. I really enjoy this show and I like all the characters so far which brings me to bust out the sketchbook after I eat and lay down some lines for a Reaper fan piece I wanna do.

I end up putting away the sketchbook after the show is over and surf the net for awhile. This is about as far as I got with it. I like it so far and I eventually want to get it inked and colored.

Pops says he got Fantastic Four 2 from Netflix today. I think to myself WHY?! But then I realized I was the one who put it on his queue. I guess I wanted to see if it was any better then the first time I saw it. As I begin watching I remember how totally LAME the movie is. The worst part is the movie version of Galactus where they take this all powerful planet eating being and turn him into the black cloud monster from LOST. Apparently they are gonna make the real Galactus in the Silver Surfer spin-off movie but who wants to see that after watching this? I mean yeah the Surfer stuff was cool but the whole movie was one big giant ad campaign. I mean I get they are celebrities and they even make a joke about the suits looking like nascar outfits but still it's like the movie focused on the Fantastic Four being celebrities and trying to avoid the paparazzi like the celebrities that play them. Then, they quickly throw in a whole "end of the world" scenario and introduce this new character all within the 90 minute time limit. It felt a little rushed and all the "problems" and stuff get resolved to quickly. They could've built up the drama a bit and "grounded" the action. There aren't any cool fight scenes like in the first one where The Thing and Doom throw down. Instead everyone is flying around like it's some top gun movie with superpowers. NOT really impressive. So I get bored with the movie and shut it off and hit the hay.

Wednesday 10.10

I get up for work around the same time and end up finishing FF 2 to kill time. I pop in Surf's Up again. I do some quick Thing and Human Torch doodles in the book before heading off to work.

Another good day of work goes by it felt rather long actually but that's probably because I didn't go on any shoots today. I end up hitting Walmart on the way home and pick up some juice for home. I browse the bins (a favorite pass time for Francis) I pick up Match Point, Surf's Up, and Letters From Iwo Jima. With juice and DVDS in hand, I head back home hoping to catch Pushing Daises another new show of the season that I'm really digging. I spent a little too much time at the Wal because I missed the show becasue I thought it started at 8. So I settle on Bionic Woman. About halfway through the ep, I get bored and put on Surf's Up. This movie is amazing and it was one of my favorite movies of the summer. The cast, animation, fx, and humor are all really really well done. After the flick is over I watch some behind the scenes and find out how they achieved the documentary style they did for the film. They ended up hooking this camera to a motion capture system and in the camera's viewfinder is the animated scene. Follow me? So basically when you look through the camera you see the animation and then it motion captures the movements, zooms, and fx, of the camera. So they animate the scene as normal and then use this camera effect to make it seem like the camera is there in real time and you can go around and zoom in on the scene as you see it. CRAZY right?!

So after Surf's Up, I put in the Seraphim Falls. It's this big chase western starring Liam Neeson and Pierce Brosnan. I fall asleep in hour in, it was moving kind of slow.

Thursday 10.11

I wake up early and finish Seraphim Falls. After's it ends, I decide it was an ok. I wish it was more of a western with shoot outs instead of the whole chase aspect of it. I did like the flashbacks which shows Neeson's motivation for tracking down Brosnan. Anyway, I head off to work and it was a pretty good day. My co-worker ends up having a short day because he has to pick up his family from O'Hare. They flew in because he's getting married Saturday. So congrats!!!!

After work, I text back and forth with Lanie and Moo because they are suppose to watch the nieces and nephews tonight. I told them I would visit with them since I was at work and missed their dance performance at the H.S. basketball game that same night. I end up beating them there since I was so close and decide to go eat some grub at Wendy's while I wait. I read up on His Boring Ass Life while I chow down on a side salad and a chicken sammich. I get a text from Lanical saying they got in and I load up on Frosty's for the kid's and their baby sitters.

I stop by Lisa's house and ring the bell. No one answers so I stick my head up against the side window and ring the bell again. Moo comes to the door and immediately gets scared and freaked out as my face is up against the glass. Apparently she couldn't see my face because of the way they house was lit from the inside. They decked the house out with some sweet ass Halloween stuff and it sets the mood for comfortable but creepy. Anyhoo, after being let in I say hi to all the little ones: Tai, Sierra, Lexi. I ask Lanie and Moo how the dance was and they said it was pretty good. I end up staying till about 8:30 because watching my nieces and nephew dance the "Soulja Boy" dance for 2 hours just wore me out. BUT it was good times and those kids crack me up. It was a dance fest. I say goodnight and make my way home.

I get home around 9 (after I hit blockbuster and rent Rise: Blood Hunter and 28 Weeks Later), there's some chicken salad waiting for me on the table. Surely I don't leave it there, I take with me to my room along with the tape of NBC's Thursday night lineup. As I chowdown like a fatass, I watch Earl, 30 Rock, and the Office hour. After that, I'm undecided what a.m. movie to watch tomorrow as I'm on an errand run and will be out most of the morning and early afternoon. So I want to plan it time wise but usually that never works out. I stay and pop in Rise which is the Lucy Liu vampire movie....yeah yeah I rented it. Dude Lucy Liu + Vampires + crazy lesbian scenes with Carla Gugino = me renting it like a sucker. So I settle on watching it and it's pretty crappy....DUH. Lucy Liu is good....and that's where it pretty much stops. It's kinda boring actually as I fight to stay up and watch it. Oh well, she's still hot in my book even if she's not really making awesome movies anymore..although I mildy enjoyed Codename: The Cleaner. Anyways I turn in....

Friday 10.12

And the winner is Michael Clayton! So I get up take a shower and head out to work to pick up my paycheck. I stop at the bank and head to the theater just in time for the 10:30am show of this movie. I'm so glad I decided to see it because it's probably one of the best movies of the year. The only thing I knew about the movie was that it was a legal drama type of movie and it had George Clooney and the trailer was kind of neat.

It's a great in that it focuses on this character and the world around him. You see how he deals with problems and tries to handle his own. It was shot really well and had a handful of amazing supporting players. The main focus though was George Clooney. He MADE this movie. He gives this very focused and tense performance as a man who handles situations but can't seem to get a grip on his own personal life. He comes in, he's fed up, and he's a realist. He doesn't tell you how it could be, he tells you how it is.

This role works for Clooney because as he is in real life the character he's playing is likable and charismatic. However, when we are introduced to Michael Clayton, he's on edge. He's fed up and you stay with this character to get an insight on why. It seriously was one of the best movies I've seen this year.

After the flick, I head over to Play It Again Sports and pick up a used left handed golf driver. I head over to Udon Noodles for lunch and then Border's across the street. I pick up two new books to go on my to read list: World War Z by Max Brooks and Neil Gaiman's Fragile Things.

After Borders, I get my fat ass in the gym and work out for about an hour and a half before finally heading home. I pop in 28 Weeks Later as I shred some old papers and fold some laundry. I like 28 Weeks Later more then the original and the scares are in your face and the gore is just the right amount to where it's not over the top or too much that it's stupid and fake. I am however kind of sad about the movie as a whole because it is kind of depressing on how something that seems like it's a contained situation really isn't. If you're a fan of the first one like I was then you should probably pick this one up and give it a watch. It's good, if not better then the original.

After shredding and folding, I get some chicken salad and begin updating the blog while watching Harvey Birdman Set 1. It takes me awhile to post because I'm getting lost in the funny Birdman eps and chowing down.

"This concludes our broadcast day." - Jim Carrey, The Truman Show

Eat it suckers!

PS - I'm sad that Dwight and Angela are broken up but Andy's rendition of Erasure's Take A Chance On Me was HILARIOUS.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Monday, the wolfman cometh....

Monday 10.8

So, today I got up early. Well 9:00am is early for me and I know some people who get up at like 5am everyday....f that noise. So at around 10 I head to the gym and work out for a good hour or so. I head back to the house and work online for a bit. I was scheduled to meet up with the crew and work on the comic book but I end up rescheduling to the weekend.

Around 3 in the afternoon, my friend Josie stops by with a project for me. She wants me to take her nephew's drawings and kind of a do a redux version and present it to him as
a birthday present. So she hands me the drawings and tells me that her nephew created this character dubbed Wolfman who defends the citizens Wolf-ville or Wolf City from the evil Bullman....yeah, how cool is that haha.

o here's her nephews original sketch:

And here's what I took from it:

So it's not done yet but I was thinking of doing some kind of comic splash page or something...maybe a 3 panel dealie-yo. After she stopped by with the drawings, I asked her to accompany me to visit Frank at the cem. We chatted there for a bit and before heading back. Anyways, Jo, her boyfriend played some pool in the garage for a bit til they left around 6ish. That's when I started these sketches I called it quits and before watching some Reaper.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

The Heartbreak Kid, apple picking, and a Batman marathon.

Friday 10.05 -

No no, not Shawn Michaels of "sweet chin music" fame.
I mean the new Ben Stiller movie directed by the Farrelly Brothers.

So I got up at to make the 10:15am show at The Quarry. The 5 dollar movie friday has been something I've done since this past summer. With all that's happened recently, I haven't been able to do that and there wasn't really anything to watch in terms of new releases in the past 2-3 weeks anyway. This movie sparked my interest because I had seen the trailer on one of my many Friday movie showings and it got me going. I figure a movie that makes me laugh hard in the trailer must have even more funny parts in the entire picture show. Thankfully, I was right and this movie brought out the laughs big time. I think it was tad bit longer (what is it with comedies now a days that are like almost 2 hours long ie; Superbad, Knocked Up) then it should've been. I think the Farrelly brothers took the comedic elements of physical, raunchy, dialogue, one liners, hilarious supporting characters, and fused that with Ben Stiller's performance in There's Something About Mary. The result of which is this movie. In my opinion, I found it funnier then There's Something About Mary and the leading women in the movie I find way more attractive then Cameron Diaz. Plus it's an R - rated comedy which are kind of all the rage these days.

After the movie, I visited Frank at the cem and headed to the gym as I was already in "gym" wear. Later that evening, I went to dinner with Jp and Jax for her birthday which was this week. We met up with the Zeps and had dinner at the Weber Grill. Hmmmmmm so good and my first time there. I had the Black Angus Meatloaf.

Post grill, we headed back and I packed up my shit and left the Condoodge at around 10. I was stuffed. I fell asleep watching some eps of Sarah Silverman Program season 1.

Saturday 10.06 -

Wale up bright and early @ 6:45am and head off to the Reniva household to go apple picking @ Edward's Orchard out in Poplar Grove. E and his family, go every year and got to go last year and it was really fun so I was looking forward to it minus the early drive. I get there and we wait for the others: Iz, Iz's mom, Sam, and Hodge. We saddle up in the Pilot and take a hour and half drive over. I play some DS and manage to finish I Love You, Beth Cooper on the way over there. At the tail end of the drive, I start His Boring Ass Life. We get out and its like the hottest day ever. I'm seriously sweating balls before we even start go apple picking. I didn't have that much money with me so I bought some of those "fiji" apple bundles from the inside store. Everyone else loads up on Cider, Apple Cinnamon Donuts (hmmmmm so good), jerky, and whatever else they sell there...which is a LOT of good stuff. Man, next year I gotta bring more money. After we hit the store, we get into the groves and begin picking. Since I couldn't get an actually basket-ful this year, I opt for taking pictures and picking off apples to eat right then and there haha. Here are some of the photos I took:

After the picking, we saddle up and meet by a local picnic area where all the different families bring food and drinks and all that stuff. We chill for a couple of hours. My stomach isn't feeling too hot and I have to take a major dump. I DO NOT want to use the restrooms that are there because well it's an outdoors camp area and F that, I'm not gonna lay my bare ass on a seat not knowing whether or not some kid sprayed diarrhea everywhere. So I hold it and tell Eric that we gotta make like a tree and leave before I shit myself. So, after a good hour of frisbee with the little ones we head home with a plan of hitting an oasis. We get to the oasis and several minutes later, I feel better. I get some water and a Snapple Berry Iced Tea before we leave. We get back to E's house around 5:30. I take my apples and my things and wish everyone a goodnight. Now I'm semi-rushing because Jax says they have dinner reservations with her bffs around 8. With a third of the way left before I get home, my bro texts me and tells them that dinner is off and they are gonna head over to plainfield to watch the Pacquaio fight. I decide to stay home and finish the rest of the Sarah Silverman episodes before dozing off.

Sunday 10.07

I wake up around 9:00am then again closer to 10:30. I try and figure out what I want to do today. I WAS going to meet up with the comic book crew to shell out some more progress but I call and cancel thinking I might have to drive my mom to a bridal shower for my cousin and his soon to be misses. Turns
out she's working and couldn't get called off so now I don't know what to do. I decide to finish up a bunch of drawings I've been meaning to color while I watch the entire 2nd and 3rd seasons of The Batman which Hodge let me borrow. Man, that's some sweet animation/character design. I'm bummed that I missed the premiere of season 5 which had the Superman arc. Oh well. Throughout the day, I sketch out some of the villians that make an appearance in some of the episodes I'm watching. I watch this episode which features Ragdoll which I thought was kind of a cool character. So I wiki him and turns out his been in the comics and I thought he was just some new guy they made for the series like they did with Clayface in the original show. Basically, this guy is contortionist and the way they animated his movements in the ep are really "twisted" and crazy. So after that episode, I started and stopped sketches here and there. Some on the page are Riddler, Poison Ivy, Penguin, Solomon Grundy, Ragdoll, and Clayface.

So I've been pretty much in my room all day popping out for lunch and din din. Finishing up the remaining eps of The Batman season 3 and updating the blog.