Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Art Attack!

After looking at my favorite artists' blogs, Humerto Ramos and Skottie Young, I decided to start putting sketches and selected art on here and telling a lil story behind them. I also have a deviant site. which is:

I'll try and switch up the art so you're not looking at the same shit on both sites. I just never really put this to good use other then to bitch about movies and post after party pictures. I thought I could add a third use.

So this first piece I decided to put was something I did for a co-worker who went off to teach aviation at SIU. I told her I would do a drawing of her and haven't really gotten to it until this past month. So the inspiration for this was the very cool graphic novel, Rex Steele: Nazi Smasher by Matt Peters and Bill Presing. Have at it!!!

Artwork (c) Justin Castaneda

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