Sunday, August 13, 2006

Wizard World 06

So, I went to Wizard World with "the squad" haha. Anyways, I had work first and then I met up with Jacy, E, and Hodge afterwards. Eric did a lot of information hunting while we were there and also spent quite a bunch. Jacy and I walked around Artist Alley a good chunk and saw some of our fav artist like Skottie Young and Sanford Greene. I bought both their sketchbooks and had them sign it. The rest of the convention was basically walking around and Eric buying a shitload of stuff. I was tempted but I know I was gonna be tight on money after the weekend if I blew my paycheck all @ the convention so I didn't get anything else. Afterwards, Jacy and I took the long way back to Eric's house and Burroughs came by and we went to the China Buffet. Sat around and shooted the shat till we all parted ways. It was good and I can't wait for next year. Jsquad in the '07 baby. See you there!

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