Sunday, August 13, 2006

Off to College!

Some time ago Kaje (that's Kj folks) made plans to have a final bbq softball thingie with the cousins before she ran off and went to ISU as well as LNK going to SIU also, Jona was going back to school this Thursday in Urbana. So yesterday we had the party. I am actually posting @ 2am even though I have to be up for work in 2 hours and 45 minutes. YEESH. I just couldn't sleep for some reason. Maybe it was ll the braUts. Anyways, people started showing up around 2-ish with my dad cooking most of the food and all the cousins bringing their share. I went out to pick up some brats and some strawberries around noon. Went to return "She's the Man" (my mom's choice not mine) to Hollywood and browsed the used movie section. I ended up buying nothing because "The Hard Corps" comes out this week and I REALLY want that haha. ("The Hard Corps" is the latest Van Damme movie to hit the DTV line and its also the 2nd Van Damme movie of the summer.) Don't ask me why, but I just like his movies. I guess because I think he's awesome and well thats it. YOU SUCK SEAGAL.

ANYWAYS, everyone pretty much showed up by 3-4ish and we ate, chetted for a bit, and kicked the sack around. Ew I meant Hackey Sack you pervs. We played 3 softball games. I dont remember the scores, but I do remember how much fun it is. We got alot of good runs in and alot of errors. But I ALWAYS love the way we play. Then around the end of the last game, Lala showed up and we all went back to the house to eat and sit around and then eat some more.

We had a lot of good times this past summer and I've think we've grown tighter as family from the many visitations and family outtings this year. The night ended like most other family party nights: People saying bye and then just hanging around till everyone peels off at some point and it ends up being 3 hours later. I actually cut it short because I have work in the morning but as you know, I am writing this blog and my clock says 1:52am.

- Kaje and Lnk off to college. Man I'm getting old. Well, I wish them the best of luck and right after they left, I already missed them. Granted it's just school but they're not there like they usually would be. They are like a whole 2-3 hours away and that makes me sad, because I've felt closer to both of them this summer then I have any summer and now they have to go. But, it's just distance. They will always be there and they are always family. And a long car ride can't change those two things. Ever.

Here are the pics. ENJOY!!!!

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