Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Arrested Development


I just got done finishing the last 13 episodes of the final season for the show "Arrested Development". Wow, I can't believe this show was canceled. There really is no way to describe it because you would have to see it for yourself how amazingly funny and brilliant this show was. I'm hoping it gets picked up by another network if the fan base gets large enough. It was THE best thing on television in the last 3 years and there will probably be nothing like it ever again. The clever plot lines, witty dialouge, and the lil things that get funnier and funnier from watching it over and over again. Each viewing you get or find something new to laugh at.

Again..tell your friends about it.

THE best thing that was on tv and prolly THE best dvd sets I own. Rent'em or buy'em.

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