Friday, May 05, 2006

Legends Return

The two legends I'm talking about are Superman and Jean Claude Van Damme. YEAH THAT'S RIGHT. I'll talk a bout Superman in a minute, right now I want to tell you about Van Damme's latest DTV effort. (that's direct to video)..see I just spelled it out what a waste.

Review: Second in Command

Anyway, the movie I'm talking about is Second in Command. I had rented it that same day I went to build LEGOS downtown. This isn't your typical Van Damme movie of the '90s. As he gets older, his movie choices seem to be improving in terms of him actually acting dramatically and not spitting out the great one liner's of yore. The content of the films action wise have also been decreased and focused more on character development and a story line.

However, they aren't the greatest plots in the world but they seem to be working for him. This latest movie goes like this.

A former Navy S.E.A.L. arrives at a new post in a Eastern European nation. But the day he gets there, armed rebles have taken the capital city, killed a U.S. Ambassador and is threatening to overthrow the new President. The U.S. Forces are hours away and he's got to hold down the fort. So its kind of like the Alamo. But with Van Damme.

The movie isn't too bad and its great for a rent. I of course will buy this movie because I'm pretty much a Van Damme freak and for some reason I love his movies.

My problems with the movie are that its shot like its trying to be the show "24". It's very shaky cam and the fights are cut like shit. Stupid slow mo scenes ruin the build up and the actual fight that takes place and it totally sucks because you don't feel the power of the spin kicks as much. It's not even Good Slo-Mo, "John Woo" Slo-Mo For great Van Dammage, rent LIONHEART or the fantastically slow HARD TARGET.

There isn't that much Van Dammage in this movie anyhow and the scenes that do have it are cut together poorly. He is pretty vicious when he fights though and does go for the jugular. Rent IN HELL for more hardcore Dammage.

There is a good amount of gunplay and the pacing is really good. Van Damme says "Hostages" and "You okay?" alot and its GREAT.

All the other characters are pretty much crappy and majority of the time they annoy the hell out of you. The only other known actor is some black guy from DOOM. Man that movie's awesome.

Boy I do love my crappy action movies.

Review: Superman Trailer

Man I got the cream jeans when I saw this....

and I'm so happy that there is a new Superman movie coming out AND it's in June. I've been getting my Superman fix with buying the animated seasons and Smallville of course...but this movie is the mack daddy of crack and I can't wait to smoke it.

Nolan got Batman right, Singer got Supes about that crappy X3 people are talking about......yeah lets not go there.

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