Friday, May 05, 2006

Feed the Rock....

I went to Starve Rock about a week ago and had a really good time.

I went with a bunch of people from work and I never I'd have as much fun. We pretty much hiked for 8-10 Miles or so and spent the whole day on the trails and looking at the awesome scenery. We also stopped to take pictures of the various canyons and waterfalls that were along the way. We got pretty stupid and played like lil kids. Of course it was raining that day and it made it wet and muddy and just as fun. I fell in the water face first and it sucked but I didn't care because I was wet anyways....I do wish I would have worned like sweat pants or athletic pants instead of stupid jeans. It was nice and some what of a vacation only because I wasn't at home or at work. Even though I was with work friends, we didn't really talk about that and got to know each other alot better. It was definitely good times.

If I get a hold of some pictures, I'll post some up in the weeks to come...if not use your imagination of me falling into water surrounded by rocks and trees and shit.

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