Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Review: Silent Hill

They should call this movie, "ALMOST Silent Hill, except for the part where I crap my pants really loud from all the scary shit in the movie". Go see it. The best movie based on a video game EVER...well Street Fighter is pretty HIGH up there...."now then, where are those hostages!" or "I'm sumo brotha, my mind can be one place and my body another." clACEssic.


georgette said...

so this movie was good ey?! hmm, i've heard good things about it--although i NEVER knew it was actually a game!

anyhoos, hope things are well justin-dawg!

Mike Hodge said...

I can't believe you liked it so much. I thought it was ok, but I think it just got bad towards the end. It started off good, but man the last 30-40 min killed it for me.