Sunday, March 19, 2006

Review: The Ice Harvest

I can understand why this movie didn't get a lot of box office and why no one really heard of it or liked it for that matter but I did, and I've wanted to see it since the trailer came out because: A. John Cusack is one of my heroes and B. the trailer made it seem like a straight up comedy about two guys stealing a shit load of money from Randy Quaid.

I've always been a Cusack fan..the man's just got this likeable factor to him. Even if the movie is complete balls (MUST LOVE DOGS) you still come out thinking you'd still want to have a beer with whatever character he just portrayed for you. Whether it's Martin Blank, Rob Gordon, Lloyd Dobler or the zany puppeteer, Craig Schwartz, who stumbles upon a portal to the great John Malkovich's head; you wanna just wanna hang out with him or the people he plays.

So anyways I rented the Ice Harvest and it was completely not what I expected. Instead, I got this VERY dark crime caper story about two losers who have nothing to do with their lives because everyone and everything around them is shit. They aren't really heroes in this movie....just assholes. Everyone in this movie is an asshole, even Cusack..(yet you still kinda like him). And the fact that its of the happiest times of the year and you get thrown into this story of how meaningless life is and that you're responsible for everything you do, and in the end you're gonna die anyways so might as well just steal a bunch of fucking money and see if you can get away with it. The film's also got this film noir style and look to it; backlit shots, shadowed figures, the whole nine. There are some colors in it..but mostly dull blues and sickly oranges to go with the film's ice theme. Its funny in some moments esp with Oliver Platt as the drunken idiot, but other then that its just assholes swearing and fucking things up.

I actually really liked this movie and if your in the mood for something completely different and not so cookie cutter hollywood...give this a try. Its a different kind of everything. Different kind of holiday season movie, different kind of crime caper, and a different kind of Cusack (yet still kinda likeable). Check it out its darkly funny and it felt real you know...not hollywood where people ought to be...more like a film that shows you how people really are.

"As Wichita falls, so does Wichitia Falls"

BTW...I bought Swingers and Jersey Girl for six bucks each at circuit city....yeah I like Jersey Girl SHUT IT.

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