Friday, January 20, 2006

My first drawing with my tablet...whoo hoo  Posted by Picasa

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GROUP FIVE...thats so asian. Posted by Picasa

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Holy Boobs HAHA I just threw this in there for no reason. Posted by Picasa

New Years!!! Posted by Picasa

The Squad rocking in the '06! Posted by Picasa

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Smelly Underwears for Xmas EWWWWWwwww! Posted by Picasa

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Mr. and Mrs. Castaneda's first Xmas as a married couple.... Posted by Picasa

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Xmas 2005 Gma Unit and the Kids.... Posted by Picasa

Haha this year's santa was a lil too friendly with the whole lap sitting thing..... Posted by Picasa

The Year So Far.....

So its 2006 and I haven't really updated this thing in a good long while...I just finished cleaning my bird's cage ( that sounds kinda dirty ) and thought I would go ahead and wrap up xmas, new years, and my adventures thus far.

Xmas was pretty damn good and I was happy that I spent it with my cousins and my family. It was a good year I'd say, there were the usual family things but hopefully all that will change for the better. I don't know building up to the holidays, I got really emotional with all the different things going on with me and I almost broke down during the prayer. I guess it was built up frustration from not being able to find a job and feeling a piece of shit. But all that aside, it was still a good xmas and I was happy to be there. I also made out with some sweet ass presents. Alot of new computer stuff. I'd put up a link to like all the gadets I got but I'm lazy. Basically its a mouse that acts like a media player remote so I can listen to music and change the songs from my bed. (YES) I also got a wacom tablet which allows me to draw on the pc. I'll post up some drawings I did with it so far. I also got a bunch of DVDs and Scene It! All good shit.

New Years was sweet too except for the fact that I had to work and I drove all around the Schaumburg area picking up the Squad so they can celebrate new years instead of playing "World of Warcraft" and drinking Jack Daniel's all night. It was good but New Years gets smaller and smaller each year.

I felt kinda bad for my Pops who didn't have any of his siblings their that night...for reasons no one F'N knows and my mom was working. So all in all it was a good new years...."FOR THE KIDS" or some bullshit like that.

After that, we went bowling and found out my dad didn't bowl for like 37 years but for some reason kept getting strikes (LIAR).

Pretty much ever since then, same routine. When its a day i'm not working, I wake up late like noon or 1pm. Jump on the computer and look for a job till my eyes bleed. Ever since new year, I've been putting a new reel together and I thank John for helping me out with it. It turned out pretty nice and it was nice lil kick in the right direction. So here's hoping for the best. I sent a couple out the other day and its back to the process again. Days I do work, I get up early as shit and come home usually right after. I crash till I don't feel sleepy anymore. Sometimes Frank comes over and we play Time Crisis 3 (THANKS JEFF) or some Scene It! till the wee hours of the morning. So pretty much its been look for a job, work, wake up late, play games, rinse and repeat.

Sure I sound kind of bitter but you would be too if you haven't found a decent job since you've been out of school over a year ago. But you know what...I keep my head up high because it'll happen....eventually. I'm not sitting here doing nothing..the more I poke at this and pour my blood, sweat, and tears into doing whatever I can to get that first job, I'll be ok because I have faith and its whats keeping me on that very thin thread.

Picture Time~

Tuesday, January 17, 2006