Monday, November 21, 2005

LATE fall update email and sayin' good bye to Friends.

I had sent out an email to my cousins awhile back because Frank started this whole update kinda thing so we know how everyone's doing. I JUST replied to it sorry but I thought I'd post it because it acts just like a post pretty much.

Anyways I'd also like to add that I finished the 10th season of Friends yesterday. It was sad and funny and I did tear up a bit during the final episode because I've been watching the show for a whole 10 years and I feel like I've grown old with them and was so sad to see it end up also kinda happy that everyone moved on (except for Joey...egh I watch that too..but its not the same.) Man I bet this comes off as being pretty lame but there's reruns and stuff but there are no more new episodes. Thanks Friends for making me a huge tv nerd and making me laugh and cry. I don't think there will ever be anything like it EVER. I mean "we were on a break", "ms. chandoler bong", "smelly cat"....I'm gonna miss it all. Thank heavens to dvd. Cuz on those slow nights and boring days I can just pop in a disc from any season and it'll always make me smile and laugh. PLUS monica got REALLY hot over the course of the 10 years....well all the girls did.
Could they BE any more hotter.

So here's the email-

"Woah....this email's been put off for a bit hasn't it. (sorry guys)

Sooooooooooo I'm glad to hear that everyones doing well. Well I'm doing ok. I actually had one of the most boring sundays I've had in a good while. You ever have those days where you wake up and don't have an agenda planned or don't know what to do today. So you opt for the looking back and regretting decisions or choices...and wondering whether or not you've made the right ones and just wonder "when lord, when the F is it gonna be my time" (thats from jay and silent bob strike back....yes still the movie nerd guys). Well today was one of those days..which I can say in the long run is a healthy thing...because you have to go through those shitty days every now and again because when it works out for you, you'll look back and laugh at how stupid you were and appreciate where you are.

It's been about a year since I've been out of school and have had some major ups and downs. I'd say mostly ups though because hey I'm the optomistic cousin...well I try to be. I've had some wondeful opportunities which I am really thankful for. I got to intern at an animation company downtown and was able to hang out with Frank on Tuesdays..cuz I'm still a lame loser who needs a ride to places I don't know...EVEN THOUGH I can drive to Michigan (thanks jeff). Wait ma and pop aren't on this list so there's no need to talk about how awesome I am at driving and that 90% of the time I can find my way on the road.

So its a year and I still don't have a full time gig. And like everyone, I hate being asked "hows the job search going" blah blah blah....look the minute I find something worrth telling you about I'll give everyone a heads up..but as for now..don't keep asking me. And no I don't want to go back to school for some shit I don't want to do. If I wanted to do something else, I wouldn't have gone to the school I did. I mean, am I wrong, am I stubborn for going into a field that at the moment is hard to get into. I say no because I've seen people from my school get jobs in their field, good jobs that they are happy with.

So why the hell not me? Because it takes time. And I've been so bad at taking on so many projects and trying to get them done all at once that I feel like I'm back tracking. And to be honest with you, I get EASILY distracted up here. I mean all my friends are here and Jeff's up here and with all that, sometimes all I want to do is be back in school. At least that way I'm doing something I like. It was fun back in school. I've met alot of great people up here and I've gotten to live with older brother 1 its so hard to not want to stay. So I made the decision to move back home because I think I can concentrate more on the job hunt. *sigh it sucks but I feel like I gotta do this. I don't want to get stuck. I've thought about it on and off and I made this decision because 2 reasons.

1. I miss the family..
2. I think I can focus alot more once I'm home and save up some money.

It was a tough decision to make because ALL my friends are up here. I had no friends in bridgeview..i mean look at the place, its bridgeview...its boring as hell and i went to an all boys highschool. Yah no fun there..unless you're into the sausauge fests people.

I still am gonna work at the Container Store and through the rest of December, I'll been teaching at Evanston Township Highschool. WHAT? Jay a teacher...yah thats right. I got offered to teach adults how to draw for the Adult Education program at Evanston. I took the job because at least it pertains to my field somewhat and its a nice way to make some extra cash. The drive sucks alot and its gonna suck even more once I'm back home. But its a great way to build my resume and share the knowledge that I if there was only a "Watch Friends" class that I can "teach" I'd be the happiest camper ever. So I'm back to working two jobs except the only thing thats different is that I get paid and I HAVE to drive...I can't have Frank drive hahaha. So its pretty good. I've been at the Container Store for a bout a year and decided to stay there because I like the work there and the pay is good and I've gotten used to being around those people who are really nice. The only problem I have with these places is that I have to borrow the echo. And I feel like such a dick when I have to use the car....and I'm very greatful to Jeff for understanding and TRUSTING me to use it when I need to. I'll admit things this upcoming winter are kinda chaotic and hectic with big changes and transitions being made in the family. But I feel strongly behind all the decisions I've made in the past year and I wouldnt change any of them....its just you have to look at the other scenarios that would've happened or might've happened to make you realize that you in the long run of things ultimately made the right choice for you. Because kids, we're all destined to do great things and find that moment of accomplishment and happiness...its just you have to go through alot to feel that way.

Well, thats pretty much all thats been going on with me.

1. Moving back home
2. Teaching part time
3. Getting married..............OH WAIT thats not me.

Hopefully I'll see more of you cousins around now that I'll be closer.

PS- Yesterday was my dad's birthday. (the 19th) And I just wanted to give a big shout out to him. Over the past year, I've been more vocal with him because he drives me from A to B sometimes and that was another big part of why I wanted to come back. Because I missed him..SURE parent's can be a pain in the ass but its not like we're angels too you know. So if you haven't called my dad to wish him a happy'd be nice if you did. Because more then anything, he loves THIS family. He sacrificed alot to get his brother and sisters to america and just wants to see you kids happy. He wants a better life for all of us. And I'm not putting him up on a pedestal or anything....i'm not. Its just on car rides with him, he too has some shitty days and wonders about the other choices he could've made. I guess he feels that since he's the oldest of his siblings he carries that responsibility to see that everyone's happy and it takes its toll on him. He hurts too. And if you could just do me this one thing and maybe next time you see him say hi uncle jing, give him a hug. Let him know that you're thankful for making the food, having the party, or anything. It would make him feel good. It may not seem like it because he can hide it pretty well but I've been with him at times when he was at his weakess and it truly breaks my heart to see a man that is a father, uncle, and a son just feel like he's not able to keep this family together. Especially with the holidays coming up, he gets a lil touchy because to be honest with you they haven't been the way they were when we were all younger and he misses that the most. I tell him all the time, that we're growing up and we change with the times. So if you can just do me that one thing, just let him know that you appreciate everything, tha would be the best present I could ever receive for any occaision."
Later guys and gals,

Later guys and gals,


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