Wednesday, November 02, 2005

A Couple of things...

This post will end up probably being really long if I go into detail each individual I'll just kinda do a noc list of the things that have happened in the past week, week and a half.

- Well I decided to stay at the container store cuz it turns out I do like working there and the pay good and I have health insurance.

- We had to set up for our Gift Wrap Wonderland campaign which took two night to morning shifts which meant that I worked ALOT this past week.

- I got offered a job to teach a drawing class for adults at Evanston Township Highschool. I took it and had my first class on Halloween. It went by ok, I wasn't as prepared since I had a week to come up with something for the first day's class and I have no prior teaching experience. I kinda shit a brick that night WHOOOOOO! But it went well and I know what to do for next week's class.

- I watched SAW II in the theater with Jacy and the E. I enjoyed it and realized that I was an idiot for thinking these movies would suck. But it was one of the best and most original movies I've seen in a good long while at the theater. I got so pumped that I had to see SAW 1.

- I beat the original Call of Duty on the PC. (Granted I bougth that game back in the day....which is a wednesday by the way a lil FYI) Next up is the sequel..which just came out....son of a bitch. I also reinstalled No One Lives Forever 2 back on my PC because my computer works goodly now.

- I played some Guild Wars and have had a lot of fun doing it. I finally got a 2nd character up that I like.

-Jeff rented a bunch of games like Turtles 3, Soul Calibur 3, and the Warriors. Soul Calibur 3 kinda sucks and the create a wrestler is dumb. I say create a wrestler because those are the only ones that are good....there are some that are superb (No Mercy for the 64, have people you've played it tell you, My RVD and Raven are uncanny) and there are some that just plain suck (the new smackdown, Smackdown Bring the Pain was the best)

- I'm moving out in the end of the month, I need to start packing up some more stuff. But its a new month and a new image on my Brooke Burke Calender. SAWEEEEET!

- Sorry for the late posting...I know you guys LOVE to read this shit. J.K!

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