Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Hanging with the Craine, Hodges Bday, and a Day in Michigan.


Thursday, Eric and I hung out with our good friend Kristen. We went to her favorite spot "The Curragh". It's sad because I heard they were shutting it down and I was beginning to like the place. Well, I ordered a patty melt and a corona. After a good while of sitting around and bullshitting, we decided to order a Carbomb, which was a shot of Bailey's that you drop into a tall glass of Guiness. I hate Guiness but when I downed this, it wasn't too bad because of the Bailey's. So, at about midnight, we called it a night because I had work in the morning.

Friday, I worked and collected more boxes for the move. Around 6, E rounded up Jacy (which I've said many a time that he's one of the coolest fucking kids you'll ever meet or live with for that matter) and we headed to E's house to shave his head and make that crappy drive to DeKalb where Hodge was having his bday party. The drive was cool, we talked about all things comic related and mentioned some WoW and Guild Wars action. When we got to the party, it was pretty cool and met some of Hodge's buddies for H.S. Sadly, it got tired quick only because there weren't enough girls. Not that that was promised or anything...but usually dong fest parties suck. I didnt want to ruin the fun or anything so I did my best to "party" it up. Of course I was the only one really eating, chowing down on some pancit that Hodge's mom made. Yeah thats right, pancit and beer. Most of the party, I talked to Jacy and semi mingled. Then some kids got really f'n drunk and it was funny to see....well more annoying because they kept trying to push liqour on me and the jacinator. It was all good, I wanted to see Hodge and Burroughs and wish Hodge a happy bday anyway. Plus I shared a birthday shot with E and Kristen honoring him the night before. After a good while, I had to get back so I can catch enough sleep before the long drive to Michigan the following morning and Jacy just needed to sleep. Of course I hear about chicks showing up right after we left..as that usually happens to some poor schmoe who didn't feel like sticking it out. But it was alright cuz I was going to a wedding and there are alot of hot girls roaming around at weddings. Thats what that movie about crashing them taught me.

Saturday, I get up bright and early....then go back to bed. Then I get up again and head out the door with brother at 9am. He lefts me drive and all hell breaks loose. I don't feel like talking about it cuz I'm lazy. So I'll give you the short version. We get lost, then get back on track, get lost again, then get back on track, get lost again, get back on track, arrive 5 minutes late, realize theres a time change, arrived 1 hour late, got to reception EARLY, drove around till we found not cornfields, ate at arby's, killed 2 hours at wal mart and various towney areas, got to reception, saw evan an old friend from school, hung out with bride and groom, ate, danced a dance, took pictures, caught up with old friends, left for three hour drive back, jeff drove back, got home around 11 at night, passed out on couch.

Sunday, I don't remember anything. I felt really lazy. Oh, I called Jacy up and we ate lunch at Applebees and went to Dreamland then he had to go get new tires and I had jack and shite to do so I went with him. It was gonna take a half hour so we went to Toys R US and then Barnes and Noble where he bought this book I was telling him aboot called "Fantasy Cartooning" which is the same guy who did the AWESOME "Action Cartooning" book. I forget his name, Byrd...I think. Anyways after that, he dropped me off and I chilled at home. Ate White Castles....hmmmm shit.

Monday I had work and felt even MORE lazy. Bought Starsky and Hutch for the ps2 for like 7 bucks.....shut up..it LOOKED cool. Ran home and played that biznitch which is pretty fun...for 7 dollars. you drive around and shoot stuff....then do these stunts. Went to pick up Jeff and went to Wendy's. Stayed in and Watched Surface.

Tuesday pretty much brings us up to speed. Felt lazy again and woke up late after falling asleep trying to watch "Sin City". Jeff calls me and aks me about "Batman Begins" for my other bros...bday. I tell him to pick it up and I'll pay half when I get a hold of some cash. We go to another Target because they ran out and he picks it up for himself. I pick up "Land of the Dead" because other then the original "Night" and "Shaun" this is the only other zombie movie I like. I would throw in 28 days later which I do like....but thats not really a zombie movie. I haven't seen the orignal Dawn or Day which I have been meaning to watch....maybe for Halloween in honor of my good friend Spencer. So the day pretty much goes on with me watching "Batman" with Jeff then watching "Land" by myself and then again when Jeff comes home. I update the diary.......to be continued. sorry for the late update...but egh whatever.

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