Tuesday, October 11, 2005

2 Days in the View...watching movies and drawing children.

Well Sunday morning, I got a call from my boss saying she wasn't able to do my hear review at TCS because she had to go to the Chicago Store which is where she will be staying now. I told her thats sad news but at the same time in my head I was happy because I was sweating balls on this whole review all day. I did manage however to get a page down in the J-book. Page 5 to be exact. I played some "Guild Wars" and when I got this call I lightbulb when in my head to go home for two days and chill with Pops, Jax, Frank, Mom, and brother. So after gettting a sigh of relief from work and me not having to write up the year in review forms, I got giddy. I called up Jp and he was actually heading towards the Oak Brook area. So I packed up my essentials: Clothes, Portfolio books, Jeff's portable hard drive, my flash disks, and Mezzo dvds. On the way back, we stopped at Pot Belly's and I had a wreck sandwich. The cute girl making my sandwich flipped it over and it spilled in the basket. She said she would make another one but fuck it, it was close to closing and I didn't want to be an ass. Plus she was hot. Got home played Guild Wars. When I'm home, all I do is eat. It was AWESOME. Frank came over on Monday and we watched Surface, my new favorite show. Catch the marathon on Sci Fi if you get a chance. Monday was pretty much work and chill.

Tuesday got up late, cuz i was trying to watch Mezzo. Fell asleep at the tail end of episode 4-5. Worked on the book and Pop rented "Unleashed", "Kingdom of Heaven", and "The Interpreter". Popped in "Unleashed" and worked on the book while it played in the background. It truly is one of Jet Li's best movies. After awhlie, day was pretty boring so I watched "Unleashed" again. Then a third time when Pops came in from outside. John and Jax came home, they went out to eat and John stayed up with me working on the dvd reel project we've been putting together while I had "Kingdom of Heaven" in the background. Didn't get into it so I might have to watch it again. I wasn't really paying attention but the action was pretty good and I like "Gladiator" and other Ridley Scott movies (i.e "Alien") Decided to update the diary and watch movie trailers. It is now 12:02am by my watch. I'm out.

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