Monday, October 24, 2005

Review: DOOM

So I thought Doom was gonna be crappy because like all videogame movies, they are pieces of crap. However, this one kinda suprised me. There's a "twist" in the story and Stone Cold calls Nelly the N* word. OH WAIT. The Rock has always brought a sense of charm and just all around bad ass-ness to his movies. (Even "Be Cool" the "Bring it On" worth the rental.) Anyways in this movie, he truly shines as a hard nosed Semper Fi demon ass kicker. The story was interesting enough to keep you going and all the "other" characters that WEREN'T The Rock were lame. The creatures were pretty cool but the last half hour is where the movie really shines. If the rest of the movie kept up with its pacing then it would've been better. But they did try to make it a MOVIE and not a MOVIE based on a videogame. (if that makes any sense). Sooooo if you like a good action movie and dig the Rock. Go see it. If not, just watch "The Rundown" for good Rock action and "Land of the Dead" for some hardcore gore. Believe me, there is enough gore in doom to keep you satisfied but again its last half hour is where the shit hits the fan. The first person shooter thing was not that lame and I thought it was gonna be like EVERY part of the movie but instead they opted for REALLY dark views of shadows and crappy secondary characters getting the shit kicked out of them. (The better choice because they were all worhtless except for maybe like one guy.) Anyways I stand by my 6 out of 10 rating. Entertaining but when you've seen it once thats all you need to see....just like the videogame. I actually WISH the Rock did the elbow and the rock bottom to one of the creatures....and raised the eyebrow...haha keep your finger's crossed when "Spy Hunter" comes out.

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The One with the Bridal Shower

Hey all,

So the 22nd of October, was my brother John's birthday. It was also the day of Jackie's Bridal Shower. We got there around 1:30pm and it was at this American Leigion Hall set up by the mom's and the bridesmaids. Alot of people showed up and it was a really great time as is most family gatherings are especially with all the new relatives joining the fiasco that is my family. Anyhoo, I'll just post pictures so its as if you were there. We ended up watching the Sox game at home and Pops busted out the projector cuz you know he's good like that.

So..Happy Bday Frank and Jp. You guys are the shit and I loves ya.

And congrats John and Jax....the big day is hell of a partAY....

picture time.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

That's Rob and old friend from school as well. He's still in the Oak Brook area. He likes that Will Smith song about Oak Brook. Posted by Picasa

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That's Evan, she's an old friend from school...who left this crazy place for Miami. She likes that Will Smith song. Posted by Picasa

Mr. and Mrs. Jason Siembor Posted by Picasa

they spelled my name wrong...twice. HAHA Posted by Picasa

The drawing I did for their program.... Posted by Picasa