Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Review: New Police Story

I'll talk about the weekend leading up to today later. I just picked up a copy of New Police Story. I seriously just finished watching it about 2 minutes ago and thought I'd write it before I went to crappy work.

Ok this movie is the bomb. I'm seriously thinking of watching it after I get home later tonight. If you don't know what the police story franchise is, its a series a movies where Jackie Chan plays an inspector...usually he plays inspector chan. haha but I don't think any of these movies share the same character. Just different police storys if you will. The first one was called police story and then came police story 2. Police story 3 ended up being Supercop here in the states and Jackie Chan's First Strike was Police Story 4. Which brings us to New Police Story the 5th in the series. I'm a big Chan fan and go see everything he's in. Lately his American movies have kinda sucked donkey lips lately. (The Medallion, Around the World in 40 Days, and the horror that is the Tuxedo.) I think he has another one coming out called "The Myth" which I'm not to excited about either. I heard about this however browsing his movie list on IMDB. So I asked Hodge about it and he said it was pretty good. It was only a matter of time before I got my hands on this bad boy. Let me tell you, Chan should just keep making movies in Hong Kong because they are alot more refreshing and daring then his crappy american efforts of late. Pretty Chan pulls out his acting chops in this one....I've never seen the man cry so much in my life. Thats not saying he's a 'lil bitch in this movie. But I don't want to ruin it. Let's just say some shit happens and Chan can't forgive himself for it so he becomes an alcoholic and a disgrace to the force. A youngster gets involved and tries to put him back on his feet trying to stop a bunch of terrorist bank robbers whos claim to fame is that they are crazy ass cop killers with a unique way of disposing of their enemies. When everyone really knows Ice T is the original Cop Killer. Anyways, throw in some serious drama, some great shootouts, plot twists and turns, Chan's best performance in a REALLY long time, and you have yourselves one hell of a cop movie. End game.

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Jas said...

damn man, i've been trying to 'acquire' this for forever.. stuck at 97%, and then everyone stopped sharing.. sigh