Tuesday, September 20, 2005

New beginnings for not so Tuesday.


I tried posting this and then it got an error message. So now I don't want to retype everything. So I'll give you the skinny.

1. Bought the Longest Yard but I want to buy even more: Mallrats X and Desperate Housewives.
decided on Sandler flick.

2. Andi's baby shower was today. Caught up with her and Jacy.

3. "My Name is Earl" starring "Chasing Amy's" Jason Lee. GREAT SHOW

4. My friend Julie got engaged and called her to say congrats and discussed future plans. Wonderful person and I'm so happy for her.

5. Decided to update the diary.

6. It didn't post so I had to post this crappy ass cliffnotes version instead. Shit son of an A.

7. My first tuesday not at my internship because I finished it last week. So sad but glad to be moving on.

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