Thursday, September 08, 2005

Happy Birthday Brooke

Today is any other normal day for me. I woke up, finished watching the movie Malena. Its an Italian film starring Monica Belucci. Its pretty good and she's really hot. I did some drawing today and then watched Lone Star State of Mind with Josh Jackon, Dj Quall, and Jamie King. It was pretty good. It had Ryan Hurst who played Lump in the Lady Killers which I watched eariler today. So it was like a Ryan Hurst marathon hahaha. I have no idea what other movies this cat has been in but he's not to shabby either way. Also today..its the lovely Brooke Burke's she's a goddess. My friend informed me she got a divorce recently which is sad because who in their right mind would want to fuck up a marriage with her. Anyways here are some pics for you to enjoy. God Bless you Brooke!

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