Sunday, September 25, 2005

Favorite Quotes from the recent movies I've watched.

"This is how a white man plays the guitar." - shows Stone Cold Steve Austin playing the guitar like a jackass.

"You know, you're being a real Mc Asshole!" - Cheesburger Eddy

- The Longest Yard

"It's marriage, you don't have to like the other person." - or something to that effect, when Victoria's parents are talking to her about marrying Victor

- The Corpse Bride

Any line in the movie "Donnie Brasco" that is followed by the phrase "Forget about it"

I have no favorite lines from "History of Violence" except I have a favorite scene in which the son gets tired of being vebally abused by the school bullies and finally does something about it. Wait til you see this part because you know that EVERY school bully that has ever picked on you or someone you know deserves an ass whooping and it makes you feel good after you see it.

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