Saturday, September 24, 2005

A couple a things: Violence, Corpses, Prison,....Weddings

Hi all,

Been a good long while. So here's the skinny. I bought Adam Sandler's version of the Longest Yard this past Tuesday. I've seen it about 4 times since I've got it. Also, that got me in the mood ot watch whatever of his flicks are in the collection. So I ended up watching Deeds, 50 first dates, and the wedding singer. I don't have "Happy Gilmore", "Big Daddy", "Billy Madison", "8 Crazy Nights", or "Spanglish". I'm not to crazy about the animated flick and dont have the desire to own "Billy" or "Spanglish." (although I enjoyed those but I don't know if I'd watch them again maybe if I caught them on tv.) Maybe Happy and Big Daddy because I like those movies more. Anyhoo, the weeks been good and my friend Julie got engaged 2 weekends ago. She called to tell me and I couldn't be any more happy for her...she's good people.

Andi had a baby shower at work which was pretty cool because we saw Jacy and just hung out in the 'brary. Andi got really big and she's due in like 3 weeks which was odd to me because I haven't seen her in so long and now she's having another kid (which I knew) but hadn't actually seen her belly progress through th stages up until know.

wow...can't really remember much of anything else.

I saw a special screening of "The History of Violence" with Willis and Jeff a couple nights back. The movie is based on a graphic novel which kind of suprised me and ruined the whole "original movie in years angle" for me seeing how its taken from a different medium. The performances were strong and the violence is pretty good not "historical" or anything. I'd actually rate it a 5-6 out of 10. I can say that if you're looking to be entertained check it out. Apparently its got a lil bit of action, drama, mystery, suspense, um some funny moments, a thriller....thats the problem, it seemed like it was all these genres and I couldn't get into it as much. But it certainly is entertaining. There is some hardcore sex in the movie...maybe a lil too much which also turned me off a bit. Even though Maria Bello is sexy as hell and she gets naked almost EVERY movie, (see The Cooler) most of it was pretty unecessary and really didn't help the pacing of it. Maybe if they edit some of that shit before its actual release, it might be a better sit through. I would still recommend it for anyone looking for a not so bad experience at the theater though. Oh and did I mention the main guy is played by Viggo or "Aragorn" fame and Ed Harris is in it playing some mafioso scarred face kind of bad ass guy which isn't that bad. Willis said the best part of that movie was some guy who worked on the film was named Weiner and it made us laugh when the credits started rolling.

Willis hung out for a couple of days which was pretty awesome. It was like Wednesday into Friday morning. We played "Xmen Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse till like 2in the morning...and then Willis and I watched "The Longest Yard" cuz he's never seen it. We stayed up til 5am bullshitting. It was like the good ole days of school. After that, we hung out Thursday and he didn't go home only to bring a change of clothes and play more Legends. E hung out with us in the day and then we went and saw "A History of Violence" and then stopped at his house to pick up some clothes and drop of his mom's car. Then friday morning, I went to work and he left around noonish.

Friday, I finished out the day pretty boring and then Saturday I woke up and found out we got HBO and I was watching "The Rundown". Jeff had work and I had to take the car for later so I dropped him off and chilled at the school again visiting E. I saw two of my old teachers there, Jan Gaitan and Jared Rosa. Hands down two of the best teachers for any 3D EVER. Jared and I got to talking and Jan was setting up for a new gallery opening Oct. 3rd (Be there). Said "laters" to Eric and headed back home. Willis called earlier asking about the "Corpse Bride" (which was funny because I just finished watching "Donnie Brasco" not to long ago. AWESOME movie by the way) and I said I'll let him know. Stayed and chilled at home till about 4ish. Made some PB and J. Finished "The Rundown", felt lazy and channel surfed. Got ready for work and left. Work was busy as hell but it wasn't too bad because I worked with hot girls today. (yes) Got done with that and Jeff and I headed back. 15-20 minutes later Willis called asking about "Corpse Bride" and told him I was kinda tired. He said he'd get my ticket cause he owed me for the Blue Brothers screening at the Regal. So I said I was done and Jeff had to wake up to open so he passed. We played some more "Legends II" till he came to get me. I played as Colossus and Ice Man. I was laughing cuz Colossus has this funny russian accent that I was imitating all last week because of "Rounders" and "50 first Dates". Anyhoo, that made me chuckle til Willy came by to get me. Paul was in the car and we met there friend Matt at the theater.

"Corpse Bride" review:
Go see it. Not as great as "Nightmare" but its genius still and the animation is incredible. The songs aren't as catchy but there is this sweet character named "BoneJangles" voiced by Danny Elfman who does some "skatting" in his song about the Corpse Bride. This movie I highly recommend for two reasons:
1. It's REALLY good because it's kind of a sad story and its very touching and sweet. PLUS....
2. It makes you want to watch "Nightmare Before Xmas"

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