Saturday, September 03, 2005

A 40 Year Old Virgin, hanging with 4 brothers, and dick and fart jokes with our local Clerks. They were all Revelations to me.

Thursday Sept 1, 2005

So, I had a pretty good Thursday. I was off of work and my brother and I went to help our friend Kathy move something like 200 hundred boxes BACK into her garage from a local storage unit. It wasnt that all bad seeing how the boxes were for the most part all the same size. Kathy used to be one of the store managers at TCS...thats The Container Store...see what I did there..I shortened it. So she asked us for some help and we were happy to do it. It took something like a lil under 2 hours which wasn't bad for 4 people. After that, Jeff and Serena got a pizza from Jewel. I played Oddworld Stranger's Wrath and eventually met Herschel and Jason at Dreamland Comics. I was interested in picking something up but it wasn't there. However, the new Humberto Ramos book, Revelations, had its issue 1 debut. If you get a chance to check this man's art work out, I would suggest picking up Crimson or Out There. Very cool stuff and a heavy influence on my drawing style. Ramos happens to be the mentor of my other favorite artist, Chicago native Skottie Young. If you're interested in the man's artwork, check out

Anyhoo, after moping around there for 20 minutes too much, we opted to catch a flick. We went and caught a matinee showing of 40 Yr Old Virgin. It's not really matinee because its like still close to 8 bucks. But I'd rather go see a movie in a theater then get a bootleg at home and it'll be a sad day in my world when movie theaters become obsolete. I don't mind catching a show any time or day because to me, the movie experience is the one thing I love and hate at the same time. I couldn't live without that. I'd HAVE to see a movie at least once a month or I'd go crazy. Anyways. Back to the movie. All I can say is go see it. It's funnier then 'Crashers. (In my opinion) and Steve Carrell and Judd Apatow are comedic geniuses. All the women are pretty hot and you get other brilliant Paul Rudd performance. My sides really hurt. Go see it.

After that, I ended up the night doing nothing really. Some side work and thats about it. Watched So I Married an Axe Murderer.

Friday September 2, 2005

I woke up for truck around 5:15am then again at 5:24 after I hit the snooze. I got up and realized my allergies and nose were acting up all last night and I knew it was gonna be a problem when I started working around all those boxes and was. I couldn't breathe but I kept it up and managed to end out the day. My friend Tammy came back to work after a long period of being away. We ended up going to see a movie a lil after 2pm. Well, first we went to Chevy's Fresh Mex...which sucked balls by the way. Don't Eat're better off going to 'Bell. That place was horrible. We caught a early show of a movie I've been dying to see, 4 Brothers. All I can say is Go see it. After that, you'll wanna see it again. Its got gun fights, swearing, very good acting, and of course MARKY MARK. Yeah that's right. This movie is seriously entertaining and there is actually a very good plot splattered through out the entire picture. Wonderful movie. Singleton's best shit in a good while. Go see it.

After that, Tammy dropped me off and I thought Id give Eric a call. He said he would stop by, which he did and we hung out for a good while. We tried playing some Guild Wars and had a internet not working thing going on for awhile and then we got it up. I played for a good hour half hour or so and then got bored and logged off. I showed Eric the new Hulk game and he pretty much at that shit up. If you haven't seen anything on it yet, go out and rent it. You won't be disappointed. It goes up there with Xmen Legends, Spidey 2, and or course the Wayne's World super nes game (j.k). It was about a lil past 10 when Jeff came home. Eric picked up and left and I decided to call it a night. Fell asleep to watching the special shit on Clerk X. which I had bought earlier in the day. I watched the original dvd the other night and read up on the stuff that was on the 3 discer. I figured I got some dough from my paycheck might as well blow it on a dvd.

Saturday September 3, 2005

Woke up around 10 and found out Jeff wasn't working today. Borrowed the car and got a haircut and about 20 dollars worth of groceries at Jewel. If you don't know what that consists of, it was:
1. Loaf of Wonderbread
2. Box of Wheat thins (family size)
3. Velveta Shells and Cheese (family package)
4. 4 Cans of Chunky Soup
5. 4 Cans of Chef Boyardee

That should last me a good while. When I got back, Jeff and Serena went to KFC. I gave them my last 5 bucks and told them to get me a snacker. They stopped for a good half hour and we all watched Back to the Future Part 2. They left came back and decided to watch the DVD so it wouldn't be all commericals and bleeped for tv.

The best line in that movie: "Doc, what happens to us in the future? We become assholes or something" ~ Marty Mcfly

I vegged out till about 4pm. Caught an episode of TT (thats Teen Titans..see I shortened it again) and Sponge Bob wher patrick's face was on his shorts. It was odd and made me chuckle. Went to work, got done with that and came home. On the drive back, I called Eric and asked him about his day as I was driving home fireworks were going off by a local park. It was distracting and cool at the same time. Like when you accidentally see a girls thong...great stuff.

Got home, Jeff told me to finish up his Panda. Watched an ending episode of Futurama and Chapelle's Show. The Cowboy Bebop movie was playing on Adult Swim and began watching that. Caught a commerical for the Escaflowne movie and Naruto coming to adult swim. Came in here to update the diary and realized it was new Brooke Burke calender month change. It's glorious people. I don't have the exact picture up. But I'll post one close to it so you know what I'm talkin' about.

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