Friday, September 30, 2005

There was corn in my shit....I hadn't had corn in like 5 days man. HAHAHA So to flush the toliet now, you have to apparently hold down the nozzle. So I won't wake up or come home and decide to use the bathroom but there's already a floater in there. Aghhh the joys of living.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Favorite Quotes from the recent movies I've watched.

"This is how a white man plays the guitar." - shows Stone Cold Steve Austin playing the guitar like a jackass.

"You know, you're being a real Mc Asshole!" - Cheesburger Eddy

- The Longest Yard

"It's marriage, you don't have to like the other person." - or something to that effect, when Victoria's parents are talking to her about marrying Victor

- The Corpse Bride

Any line in the movie "Donnie Brasco" that is followed by the phrase "Forget about it"

I have no favorite lines from "History of Violence" except I have a favorite scene in which the son gets tired of being vebally abused by the school bullies and finally does something about it. Wait til you see this part because you know that EVERY school bully that has ever picked on you or someone you know deserves an ass whooping and it makes you feel good after you see it.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

A couple a things: Violence, Corpses, Prison,....Weddings

Hi all,

Been a good long while. So here's the skinny. I bought Adam Sandler's version of the Longest Yard this past Tuesday. I've seen it about 4 times since I've got it. Also, that got me in the mood ot watch whatever of his flicks are in the collection. So I ended up watching Deeds, 50 first dates, and the wedding singer. I don't have "Happy Gilmore", "Big Daddy", "Billy Madison", "8 Crazy Nights", or "Spanglish". I'm not to crazy about the animated flick and dont have the desire to own "Billy" or "Spanglish." (although I enjoyed those but I don't know if I'd watch them again maybe if I caught them on tv.) Maybe Happy and Big Daddy because I like those movies more. Anyhoo, the weeks been good and my friend Julie got engaged 2 weekends ago. She called to tell me and I couldn't be any more happy for her...she's good people.

Andi had a baby shower at work which was pretty cool because we saw Jacy and just hung out in the 'brary. Andi got really big and she's due in like 3 weeks which was odd to me because I haven't seen her in so long and now she's having another kid (which I knew) but hadn't actually seen her belly progress through th stages up until know.

wow...can't really remember much of anything else.

I saw a special screening of "The History of Violence" with Willis and Jeff a couple nights back. The movie is based on a graphic novel which kind of suprised me and ruined the whole "original movie in years angle" for me seeing how its taken from a different medium. The performances were strong and the violence is pretty good not "historical" or anything. I'd actually rate it a 5-6 out of 10. I can say that if you're looking to be entertained check it out. Apparently its got a lil bit of action, drama, mystery, suspense, um some funny moments, a thriller....thats the problem, it seemed like it was all these genres and I couldn't get into it as much. But it certainly is entertaining. There is some hardcore sex in the movie...maybe a lil too much which also turned me off a bit. Even though Maria Bello is sexy as hell and she gets naked almost EVERY movie, (see The Cooler) most of it was pretty unecessary and really didn't help the pacing of it. Maybe if they edit some of that shit before its actual release, it might be a better sit through. I would still recommend it for anyone looking for a not so bad experience at the theater though. Oh and did I mention the main guy is played by Viggo or "Aragorn" fame and Ed Harris is in it playing some mafioso scarred face kind of bad ass guy which isn't that bad. Willis said the best part of that movie was some guy who worked on the film was named Weiner and it made us laugh when the credits started rolling.

Willis hung out for a couple of days which was pretty awesome. It was like Wednesday into Friday morning. We played "Xmen Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse till like 2in the morning...and then Willis and I watched "The Longest Yard" cuz he's never seen it. We stayed up til 5am bullshitting. It was like the good ole days of school. After that, we hung out Thursday and he didn't go home only to bring a change of clothes and play more Legends. E hung out with us in the day and then we went and saw "A History of Violence" and then stopped at his house to pick up some clothes and drop of his mom's car. Then friday morning, I went to work and he left around noonish.

Friday, I finished out the day pretty boring and then Saturday I woke up and found out we got HBO and I was watching "The Rundown". Jeff had work and I had to take the car for later so I dropped him off and chilled at the school again visiting E. I saw two of my old teachers there, Jan Gaitan and Jared Rosa. Hands down two of the best teachers for any 3D EVER. Jared and I got to talking and Jan was setting up for a new gallery opening Oct. 3rd (Be there). Said "laters" to Eric and headed back home. Willis called earlier asking about the "Corpse Bride" (which was funny because I just finished watching "Donnie Brasco" not to long ago. AWESOME movie by the way) and I said I'll let him know. Stayed and chilled at home till about 4ish. Made some PB and J. Finished "The Rundown", felt lazy and channel surfed. Got ready for work and left. Work was busy as hell but it wasn't too bad because I worked with hot girls today. (yes) Got done with that and Jeff and I headed back. 15-20 minutes later Willis called asking about "Corpse Bride" and told him I was kinda tired. He said he'd get my ticket cause he owed me for the Blue Brothers screening at the Regal. So I said I was done and Jeff had to wake up to open so he passed. We played some more "Legends II" till he came to get me. I played as Colossus and Ice Man. I was laughing cuz Colossus has this funny russian accent that I was imitating all last week because of "Rounders" and "50 first Dates". Anyhoo, that made me chuckle til Willy came by to get me. Paul was in the car and we met there friend Matt at the theater.

"Corpse Bride" review:
Go see it. Not as great as "Nightmare" but its genius still and the animation is incredible. The songs aren't as catchy but there is this sweet character named "BoneJangles" voiced by Danny Elfman who does some "skatting" in his song about the Corpse Bride. This movie I highly recommend for two reasons:
1. It's REALLY good because it's kind of a sad story and its very touching and sweet. PLUS....
2. It makes you want to watch "Nightmare Before Xmas"

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

New beginnings for not so Tuesday.


I tried posting this and then it got an error message. So now I don't want to retype everything. So I'll give you the skinny.

1. Bought the Longest Yard but I want to buy even more: Mallrats X and Desperate Housewives.
decided on Sandler flick.

2. Andi's baby shower was today. Caught up with her and Jacy.

3. "My Name is Earl" starring "Chasing Amy's" Jason Lee. GREAT SHOW

4. My friend Julie got engaged and called her to say congrats and discussed future plans. Wonderful person and I'm so happy for her.

5. Decided to update the diary.

6. It didn't post so I had to post this crappy ass cliffnotes version instead. Shit son of an A.

7. My first tuesday not at my internship because I finished it last week. So sad but glad to be moving on.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

edit: The Tony Danza title

I forgot that I put his name in the subject and I didn't even explain why. The reason being is that he has a small role in the movie and plays this pretty uptight dick. Its just weird to see him "Acting" and not tap dancing and doing his comedy bit or giving out free shirts. Any hoo, he's fucking in the movie and rocks the house. Go Tony!!

Friday @ Chili's and fuckin' Tony Danza!!!!!

I had a good morning at work actually. I don't usually talk about work because well I'd say its boring to people who talk about their jobs. So I'll stick to that plan unless I land a sweet gig I'd like everyone to know about. So for now, work happens and thats all there really is to tell.

Anyhoo, afterwards I got a voicemail from E and he reminded me that it was Carrigan's birthday. Carrigan works at the ILIS/Argosy Library and I've gotten to know her my last year at school so I try to keep in touch with all the folks from school as much as I can. So I ran home and played some Killzone which Jeff had borrowed from the Gamestop. Its a pretty sweet f'n game and I'm happy as shit that its only 20 bucks now. I might just pick it up when I'm not to busy NOT playing my ps2 and spending money on useless shit that makes me happy. (comics. movies, cds, and more movies) I went to Jewel and got a Strawberry Shortcake balloon and a box of Devil's Donuts and some candles. Pulled up to school and put 4 candles in a donut and lit them. Strolled into the library and hit her with my lil suprise schindig. Anyways, we got to hanging out and all 3 of us (eric, care, myself) just chilled till it was time to shut the libray down. It was good timing too cuz Jeff called and got off of work. We decided to go eat some where and picked Chili's only cuz we had 10 dollar off cards which made our meal like 19 bucks. Jeff had shrimp alfredo, eric had chicken cajun pasta, and I had a Southern Cobb salad which was Gi Normous. Anyways, we dined shot the shit and talked about the comic. Spent the better part of the night talking about this game Kingdom Under Fire and Eric wanted to go to blockbuster to pick it up. We get there and its the last copy too bad it costs 8 dollars to rent. Eric says fuck it and he drops me off with him taking a ride on the Elgin O'Hare to head back to his house. I pop in the movie "Crash" and begin to watch it. If you've ever heard anything about this movie, you'd probably hear all good things. And I can't really argue with that but the one thing I would say it is is that is really really intense. I mean watching it by yourself is very tense but it has amazing performances over all. However, its very late and I pass out. I got through about an hour. I wake up and hit the snooze. I wake up 2 hours later. I've been doing that for awhile and I hate that I can't pick myself up in the morning. I mean I can do it when I know I have to be up at 5am but if its 8am, I can't get up to save my life. Anyways I wake up and mope around a bit not realizing its Saturday and I have to go to work at 5pm. I get up, and turn on the boob tube in the living room. Jeff's gotten up too. I flick back and forth and find an old episode of "Batman" tv show starring Adam West. I sit through the end and laugh my ass off because the shit is so funny now. "Holy Singing Sphinx Batman" Anyways after that show was over, they had an episode of "The Green Hornet" which I HAD to watch because it's Bruce Lee and it was a good episode to. It had Mako from Samurai Jack fame facing off with The Dragon himself. After that, Jeff put in New Police Story and we watched that. After awhile, I played some Killzone and got my ass kicked. Picked up and got ready for work. Had an ok day at work. Got to work with Becca whos been at the store a month and is really freakin' funny and awesome to work with. So work went by ok and after that, I left E a txt message because he was going to Danielle's for dinner and he wanted to give me the lowdown on that. Got a txt from Hodge and asked if I got off work probably so we can play Guild Wars. I get home and cook up some shells and cheese and the left over Onion blossom from Chili's. Called John and asked him what time he was gonna come get me. I grab my dinner and pop in "Crash" picked up where I left off. I dig in the shells and chesse and its the best its ever been. I can't believe I haven't eaten this since last year. Its really good. I decide near the end of "Crash" to update the diary. As I'm wrapping up "Crash" and all the characters are coming to the end of their story and coming full circle, I realize that this movie is pretty brilliant as people claim it to be. Definitely give it a rent. Oh and if you wanna see Ludacris get tossed out like a bitch, go see Hustle and Flow..and then Rent this for the rematch cuz it happens twice! Same actors and everything.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

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Happy Birthday Brooke

Today is any other normal day for me. I woke up, finished watching the movie Malena. Its an Italian film starring Monica Belucci. Its pretty good and she's really hot. I did some drawing today and then watched Lone Star State of Mind with Josh Jackon, Dj Quall, and Jamie King. It was pretty good. It had Ryan Hurst who played Lump in the Lady Killers which I watched eariler today. So it was like a Ryan Hurst marathon hahaha. I have no idea what other movies this cat has been in but he's not to shabby either way. Also today..its the lovely Brooke Burke's she's a goddess. My friend informed me she got a divorce recently which is sad because who in their right mind would want to fuck up a marriage with her. Anyways here are some pics for you to enjoy. God Bless you Brooke!

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

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Review: New Police Story

I'll talk about the weekend leading up to today later. I just picked up a copy of New Police Story. I seriously just finished watching it about 2 minutes ago and thought I'd write it before I went to crappy work.

Ok this movie is the bomb. I'm seriously thinking of watching it after I get home later tonight. If you don't know what the police story franchise is, its a series a movies where Jackie Chan plays an inspector...usually he plays inspector chan. haha but I don't think any of these movies share the same character. Just different police storys if you will. The first one was called police story and then came police story 2. Police story 3 ended up being Supercop here in the states and Jackie Chan's First Strike was Police Story 4. Which brings us to New Police Story the 5th in the series. I'm a big Chan fan and go see everything he's in. Lately his American movies have kinda sucked donkey lips lately. (The Medallion, Around the World in 40 Days, and the horror that is the Tuxedo.) I think he has another one coming out called "The Myth" which I'm not to excited about either. I heard about this however browsing his movie list on IMDB. So I asked Hodge about it and he said it was pretty good. It was only a matter of time before I got my hands on this bad boy. Let me tell you, Chan should just keep making movies in Hong Kong because they are alot more refreshing and daring then his crappy american efforts of late. Pretty Chan pulls out his acting chops in this one....I've never seen the man cry so much in my life. Thats not saying he's a 'lil bitch in this movie. But I don't want to ruin it. Let's just say some shit happens and Chan can't forgive himself for it so he becomes an alcoholic and a disgrace to the force. A youngster gets involved and tries to put him back on his feet trying to stop a bunch of terrorist bank robbers whos claim to fame is that they are crazy ass cop killers with a unique way of disposing of their enemies. When everyone really knows Ice T is the original Cop Killer. Anyways, throw in some serious drama, some great shootouts, plot twists and turns, Chan's best performance in a REALLY long time, and you have yourselves one hell of a cop movie. End game.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Don't wake me up, When September Ends....its a new month on my BB calender.  Posted by Picasa

A 40 Year Old Virgin, hanging with 4 brothers, and dick and fart jokes with our local Clerks. They were all Revelations to me.

Thursday Sept 1, 2005

So, I had a pretty good Thursday. I was off of work and my brother and I went to help our friend Kathy move something like 200 hundred boxes BACK into her garage from a local storage unit. It wasnt that all bad seeing how the boxes were for the most part all the same size. Kathy used to be one of the store managers at TCS...thats The Container Store...see what I did there..I shortened it. So she asked us for some help and we were happy to do it. It took something like a lil under 2 hours which wasn't bad for 4 people. After that, Jeff and Serena got a pizza from Jewel. I played Oddworld Stranger's Wrath and eventually met Herschel and Jason at Dreamland Comics. I was interested in picking something up but it wasn't there. However, the new Humberto Ramos book, Revelations, had its issue 1 debut. If you get a chance to check this man's art work out, I would suggest picking up Crimson or Out There. Very cool stuff and a heavy influence on my drawing style. Ramos happens to be the mentor of my other favorite artist, Chicago native Skottie Young. If you're interested in the man's artwork, check out

Anyhoo, after moping around there for 20 minutes too much, we opted to catch a flick. We went and caught a matinee showing of 40 Yr Old Virgin. It's not really matinee because its like still close to 8 bucks. But I'd rather go see a movie in a theater then get a bootleg at home and it'll be a sad day in my world when movie theaters become obsolete. I don't mind catching a show any time or day because to me, the movie experience is the one thing I love and hate at the same time. I couldn't live without that. I'd HAVE to see a movie at least once a month or I'd go crazy. Anyways. Back to the movie. All I can say is go see it. It's funnier then 'Crashers. (In my opinion) and Steve Carrell and Judd Apatow are comedic geniuses. All the women are pretty hot and you get other brilliant Paul Rudd performance. My sides really hurt. Go see it.

After that, I ended up the night doing nothing really. Some side work and thats about it. Watched So I Married an Axe Murderer.

Friday September 2, 2005

I woke up for truck around 5:15am then again at 5:24 after I hit the snooze. I got up and realized my allergies and nose were acting up all last night and I knew it was gonna be a problem when I started working around all those boxes and was. I couldn't breathe but I kept it up and managed to end out the day. My friend Tammy came back to work after a long period of being away. We ended up going to see a movie a lil after 2pm. Well, first we went to Chevy's Fresh Mex...which sucked balls by the way. Don't Eat're better off going to 'Bell. That place was horrible. We caught a early show of a movie I've been dying to see, 4 Brothers. All I can say is Go see it. After that, you'll wanna see it again. Its got gun fights, swearing, very good acting, and of course MARKY MARK. Yeah that's right. This movie is seriously entertaining and there is actually a very good plot splattered through out the entire picture. Wonderful movie. Singleton's best shit in a good while. Go see it.

After that, Tammy dropped me off and I thought Id give Eric a call. He said he would stop by, which he did and we hung out for a good while. We tried playing some Guild Wars and had a internet not working thing going on for awhile and then we got it up. I played for a good hour half hour or so and then got bored and logged off. I showed Eric the new Hulk game and he pretty much at that shit up. If you haven't seen anything on it yet, go out and rent it. You won't be disappointed. It goes up there with Xmen Legends, Spidey 2, and or course the Wayne's World super nes game (j.k). It was about a lil past 10 when Jeff came home. Eric picked up and left and I decided to call it a night. Fell asleep to watching the special shit on Clerk X. which I had bought earlier in the day. I watched the original dvd the other night and read up on the stuff that was on the 3 discer. I figured I got some dough from my paycheck might as well blow it on a dvd.

Saturday September 3, 2005

Woke up around 10 and found out Jeff wasn't working today. Borrowed the car and got a haircut and about 20 dollars worth of groceries at Jewel. If you don't know what that consists of, it was:
1. Loaf of Wonderbread
2. Box of Wheat thins (family size)
3. Velveta Shells and Cheese (family package)
4. 4 Cans of Chunky Soup
5. 4 Cans of Chef Boyardee

That should last me a good while. When I got back, Jeff and Serena went to KFC. I gave them my last 5 bucks and told them to get me a snacker. They stopped for a good half hour and we all watched Back to the Future Part 2. They left came back and decided to watch the DVD so it wouldn't be all commericals and bleeped for tv.

The best line in that movie: "Doc, what happens to us in the future? We become assholes or something" ~ Marty Mcfly

I vegged out till about 4pm. Caught an episode of TT (thats Teen Titans..see I shortened it again) and Sponge Bob wher patrick's face was on his shorts. It was odd and made me chuckle. Went to work, got done with that and came home. On the drive back, I called Eric and asked him about his day as I was driving home fireworks were going off by a local park. It was distracting and cool at the same time. Like when you accidentally see a girls thong...great stuff.

Got home, Jeff told me to finish up his Panda. Watched an ending episode of Futurama and Chapelle's Show. The Cowboy Bebop movie was playing on Adult Swim and began watching that. Caught a commerical for the Escaflowne movie and Naruto coming to adult swim. Came in here to update the diary and realized it was new Brooke Burke calender month change. It's glorious people. I don't have the exact picture up. But I'll post one close to it so you know what I'm talkin' about.