Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Wizard World 05!

Saturday, August 6 2005 all I can say. I never this much fun in an entire weekend in a good long while. Anyways, this was my first Wizard World and I was happy that I decided to go. It did create a financial dent in my checkings for this month but who the fuck cares...COMICS.

So, it was pretty much a comic book fans wet dream. I didn't have enough time or money to attend any special signings or Q&As...sigh..but thats ok I loaded up on free shit and lots of photos. When you first see it, you think to yourself there is no way to see everything. But you find out that you can pretty much walk the entire show (window shopping) twice in 2 and half hours. There was alot of crap I wanted to buy and I did decide to take money..but luckily, the ATM ran out of cash. Which was freakin unbelievable because guys are taking out like 400 dollars and stuff like that. I did however get the Golgothan INAction figure from the View Askew table. Hodge picked it up for me and I would later pay him back. I saw my teacher Jan there which was AWESOME and I was so happy to see that she can bust out her artwork with the best of them. Let me tell you, the Artists Alley is pretty amazing with all these up and coming striving to break in the industry artists like myself. They really gave me a good look see and now I know I gotta step up my game if I want to to pursue this next year. IT was fun all and all. I learned alot of things.

1. Bring Money
2. Bring Lots of Money
3. Take Lots of Photos of hotchicks
4. Always bring alot of money.

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