Tuesday, August 30, 2005

A week of Commentaries and feeling the Blues...

So this past week, all I did is look for a job, work at a job, try to get a job, and sleep. During this week however, I felt the urge to watch Dogma with the lovely view askew commentary that was provided. I never watched a movie with commentary before. The most was like 20 minutes out of True Romance but Tarantino got kind of annoying. So I opted to never watch commentary. So over the course of reading Kevin Smith's online diary, his Evening With, and his Silent Bob Speaks, I come to realize I love to read and hear what the man has to say. So putting this to the test, I decided to watch Dogma with commentary from Smith, Mewes, Mosier, Affleck, and Vincent. It was cool because they had lil video segments and it was prolly the funniest things I've heard/watched in a long while. So keeping with the flow, the following day, I watched Jay and Bob with commentary. Sadly there was no video hijinks and it wasn't as good as Dogma.

Monday rolls around and to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the Blues Brothers dvd, there is this special screening of the movie followed by a q&a with Dan Akroyd and John Landis. So it was out in Lincolnshire which was half hour from Willis' place. I really wanted to go to this because I highly doubt they will do something like this again. And for the fact that its the Blues Brothers. Seriously, when are you gonna see a movie before you were born in theaters ever? (Blues Brothers 1980) The only opportunity that I can recall was Alien(1979) on Halloween a couple years back. And of course you know I checked that shit out. So being extreme fans of the movie, I told Willis and Eric they should check it out because in fact they are the Elwood and Jake of our rag tag bunch of misfits. So we get to the theater and Willis, Eric, Jacy, Jayson Jodrey, and Paul show up to catch the flick with me. I was happy that there was more of a turnout from our group of friends because originally it was just gonna be myself, Willis, and Eric. So the more the better. We get there around 8:12 and we see they parked the blues mobile out in the front and alot of hardcore fans showed up (dressed up) to share this moment with us. There were 3 disappointments however.

1. The show wasn't on the IMAX screen even though it was an IMAX theater and the flyer made it sound like it was gonna be played on the Imax.

2. The sound cut out during the q&a which was first rather then the flick first then the q&a last. It took like an hour to fix and by the time it got up and running, the q&a was over and there was an extra 20 minute wait. So we waited for a good hour when they could've just started the movie.

3. The hardcore fans kept clapping and like reciting certain songs. IT REALLY WAS FUCKING ANNOYING...and I couldn't let it slide because motherfuckers didn't clap or hoot when Ripley came out in her underwear near the end of theAlien flick looking all sexy. (belive me I wanted to hoot) but no, they enjoyed the movie quietly and talked about it later. This movie however turned up a big baseball-esque crowd that was howling, clapping at lines, sining at songs, etc. The best part was that Jacy had never seen the movie and the look on his face at all these psycho fans was just the best.

I did however try and tune it out and enjoyed the movie which still holds up today. Great music, acting, and all around the best damn movie ever to show off the Windy City. John Belushi is a comedic talent that is still talked about till now and he is truly a gem of this fine city of Chicago. If you haven't seen the Blues Brothers, you have failed in life. Rent it...own it...and Blues Brothers 2000 is a piece of shit.

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