Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Wedding Days

Friday August 5, 2005

Two people that I've known since I've moved to Schaumburg got married today. My congratulations go to Kyle and Lydia!!!

The ceremony was really really nice and Lydia suprised Kyle with a song that she had wrote for the two of them and it was very touching. I brought my brother's camera and I pretty much went asian tourist on this thing snapping photo after photo.

The reception was great and I got to sit next to Jacy. Man that dude's awesome and if you ever nab your hands on a "jacy" kind of guy, you should bring him everywhere. The kid's funny as hell and always strikes up interesting conversation.

Willis in typical Willy fashion gave away the key to Kyle's heart to Lydia which he's been holding on to for a long while. I thought it was funny and just Willis speaking in general makes me giggle. The food was good the dancing was even gooder...and the good times were the goodest. Congrats again and God Bless the both of you!!!!

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