Thursday, August 18, 2005

Relaxing days are done.

Monday August 15, 2005

Got up for work, finished pretty early. John came by around noonish. Got some shit together and went to Hooters where we indulged in some hot wings. Leean was our waitress and she was hot. After Hooters, came home and vegged out. Night came, and we watched "A Day Without A Mexican" which was the most boring piece of shit I've seen in a good while. I thought it was funny and I've heard some good talk about it. But when I actually sat down to watch it, I lost interest 5 minutes into the movie. Not recommended.

Tuesday August 16, 2005

Woke up, Frank and I went to work. Work was pretty easy, got tossed a couple of audio lines and got those done. I listened to Common's new album, Be a record like 15 times in a row. Finished up and began my way to Moosejaw. Stopped at Best Buy and romed the dvd section. Found out that they released Titus on dvd. Walked out buying nothing (been doing that lately) and I got to Barnes and Noble. I chilled in the cafe area and began to draw in my sketchbook. My nose started that sucked. Came back, Frank was done and we headed home. Jackie's maid of honor, Bernadette, was at the apt. Pop cooked spaghetti. We ate it and then the two girls left to get some pie or some shit. John, Frank, and myself chilled downstairs where I began to try and play the bass beat from Common's intro track on the piano. After a good 10 minutes or so, I figured it out. Then I began to learn the keyboard part on my right hand. We tried playing it together for at least a good hour. It was funny watching John try to get it and mess up. After awhile, we decided to go rent Sin City. It wasn't there. We came back and watched Dirty Jobs on discovery. Where they squeezed poop out of lil baby chicks. gross. After that ended, everyone called it a night. Berna left, frank left, john and jax went to bed, and I stayed up till about 1am browsing on myspace.

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