Monday, August 29, 2005

Freestyle: The Art of Rhyme

I keep forgetting to post this everytime I'm on here. So guess what kids, I remembered today. I recently got the chance to view a documentary that a good friend had lent to my brother. Not being so big on documentaries in general, this one appealed to me for the obvious fact that it was about "bustin' a freestyle", something I only in my wildest hip hop dreams can ever achieve. The only documentary I remember watching and ever liking was Lost in La Mancha, a look at what happens when a visionary director's dream project literally gets washed away and just falls apart before any real solid footage was shot. Check it out if you've never seen it.

Ok back to Freestyle. This is brought to you by Palm Pictures who released the Spike Jonze and Michael Gondry videos on a dvd set as well as the acclaimed Scratch, a documentary on djs and those famous two turn tables and a microphone. This movie is very different in it gives and inside look at how freestyle began and where it stems from in terms of poetry and free verse. One of the cooler parts throughout the documentary is the fact that they have these cats freestyling on battles. They talk about different terms like the "cypher" which is like a hackey sack circle except they kick around different freestyles and pass along shit like that. Also, there are the famous "battles" where to performers slap their opponents with lyrics as if they were on the field of battle striking with sword and shield in hand. Its amazing to see how these people can spit these lyrics off the top of their heads. One mc named Supernatural would just read the dictionary and learn what the words meant and studied them to have a more wide open vocabulary instead of spitting out "yeah ugh, bad boy". Anyways I highly recommend this flick because its just so interesting and explores the different hot spots and past freestyle legends that you might have not even heard of because they are so underground and they either want to stay underground or make it big. One thing's the same though, it all started here. This is truly their shining moment. Pick it up...if you get a chance.

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