Friday, August 05, 2005

Crashing Wizard World '05

Thursday August 4, 2005

Ok, so my friend Burroughs called me up at work the other day asking if I wanted to go to Wizard World. I had already told myself I wouldn't go because of money and other reasons I'd rather not get fired up about right now. Anyways I thought fuck it. I'll have to wait a whole year to get another chance right? So I told him if we can make it on Thursday, I'm totally down for going. So I got myself all pumped up and checked the guest list online and was all like "ohhh Jim Lee and ohhhh Skottie Young". So Thursday rolls around right. I get my shit ready and I had borrowed John's camera so I can take pictures of any famous people or hot ass bitches I see at the convention. Hodge and Burroughs come by and we eat some Panda with Isabel, the E, and Jeff. So the day started out great. Fantastic. After we finish stuffing out mouths with delicious Chinese food, we head over there. I take out money and already I start regretting it...but whatever it's Wizard World and I've never went and I've never really hung out with just Burroughs and Hodge so it was kind of like a new adventure amongst new friends. So we get there and Burroughs pays for parking. Its a bit of a walk. We get to the Rosemont and I'm like all giddy and wow. We get in a line which happens to be the wrong line and we find the "regular" line. But as soon as we get there..something was kinda odd about it. And this jackhole says that we can only buy tickets today that are 3 days tickets. Not a one day ticket. Sooooooo it would be 60 bucks a pop to walk around for like 2 hours maybe 3 max. What a fuckin' jip. The only day that I was really avaiable to go and spend some good amount of time is the same day they are selling 60 dollar tickets. And the funny thing is that we are apparently the ONLY people who didn't know and we are standing a few feet from the entrance to the convention. a big *sigh. This guy comes up to us looking to scalp tickets and that same jackhole is like "you could go to jail". Whatever. Anyways we leave. I feel bad that Burroughs drove out here and paid for parking so I suggest we get our jollies eslewhere. I suggest going to catch a flick or going bowling. Hodge isn't down with the bowling and he had already seen the Wedding Crashers...which was the suggest movie. So after alot of talking and discussing on how crappy our day got we decided to hit the AMC and Hodge and I would split Burroughs' ticket. We do make plans however to go on Saturday even though I work at 5pm. We'd have to get there at a good hour and leave at a good hour too. But after all this talk about going today I really want to go now so there's no turning back...unless we all can't make and then I'd have to wait til next year and cry myself to sleep til then. Anyways no big whoop.......

Review: Wedding Crashers.

Holy shit this is the funniest movie I've seen in along while. Vince Vaughn's the shit.

So after the movie, we head back and I chill in my room the rest of the night. At leats it ended on a good note, I ate my leftover Panda and watched JSA: Joint Security Agency. That movie's really good. It a korean film hodge let me borrow. I don't want to get into a review but its got a great story and it goes back in time through the events and its kinda sad at the end. With that said, I'm gonna take a nap. LOCK IT UP. YOU LOCK IT UP.

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