Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Blasts from the Past

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

After staying up late again and chilling with Frank and Jp, I woke up around 8:30am to a ringing doorbell. At the door, it was Leticia, Jackie's mom, here to discuss the shower plans I'm assuming with my mom. I say hello and go back to bed. Wake up around 11ish. Pops comes home around 11:30-Noon from his appointment. He cooks some breakfast, we head out. I get to Schaumburg around 1pm. I check my phone and it says I have a voicemail. I check it and its a former classmate of mine back in the grammar school days, the fun days. I get the number and plan on calling her back after I get off work. Pops drops me off and I head back, Jeff's at his computer when I come in. I dick around till about 2:30 when he has to leave for work. I get a work shirt ready because I plan on not coming back to the apt. On the way, he tells me about the Sushi Station and how cool it is to eat over there. Sounds good. He leaves the car with me, I go to the comic book store and pick up New Warriors # 3 because thats the only thing I can afford. I want to get Superman and the Infinite City but I plan that for next time I have more loose cash on me. I drive to Best Buy and pass the time away. Thinking I'm not going to buy anything, I stumble upon Adventures in Babysitting!! (One of the awesomest movies ever!!!!!) So i decide to pick that up and my phone rings. I think its my friend, but its Jacy (the awesomest roommate ever!!!) He tells me he wants to hang out and I told him we should do it up tomorrow cause I'm off that day and he's got work till about 4 in the pm. Sounds like a plan and I head for the door. But my eye catchs The Garbage Pail Kids Movie (One of the awesomest movies ever!!!) I get stuck. I don't know to get both or only one. I opt for the babysitting because garbage pail kids is like 6 dollars more. So I walk out with that and head to TCS. But I have like a whole 'nother hour. I go to Circuit City (YES). I browse there for a good half hour. The ONLY thing that caught my eye there was The Good the Bad and the Ugly 2 disc for 9.99. I ask a snotty Circuit City employee is this is correct and he's all like "UGH NO not for thsi version" and yanks the sign off.....bitch. So I walk out and spot Qdoba from across the street. My stomach says "3 Cheese Nachos" and so I give in and get some Vegetarian 3 Chesse nachos going for the next 10 15 minutes. Man that was good. I get to work. The end.

Actually, work was really awesome today. Ran into an old teacher of mine. Who gave me some job hints and a company name that was looking for people. I talk to him about other stuff and get his information. Also, work went by REALLY fast and before I knew it, I'm here updating the diary. I call my friend cuz I said I would and get a voicemail. So begins the phone tag. I think I'm gonna finish my cheese nips, watch Adventures in Babysitting, and set the alarm for an early work day. (And by work, I mean staying at home and drawing!) Peace out.

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Jas said...

Yeah man, Sushi Station rules.. too bad u weren't in town yet. And I've had the worst trouble with dvd's lately.. Thundercats must've been sold out since day one, and Oldboy's nowhere to be seen either. Looks like I'll hafta resort to online ordering; no instant gratification for me.