Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Elwood and Jake Posted by Picasa

A week of Commentaries and feeling the Blues...

So this past week, all I did is look for a job, work at a job, try to get a job, and sleep. During this week however, I felt the urge to watch Dogma with the lovely view askew commentary that was provided. I never watched a movie with commentary before. The most was like 20 minutes out of True Romance but Tarantino got kind of annoying. So I opted to never watch commentary. So over the course of reading Kevin Smith's online diary, his Evening With, and his Silent Bob Speaks, I come to realize I love to read and hear what the man has to say. So putting this to the test, I decided to watch Dogma with commentary from Smith, Mewes, Mosier, Affleck, and Vincent. It was cool because they had lil video segments and it was prolly the funniest things I've heard/watched in a long while. So keeping with the flow, the following day, I watched Jay and Bob with commentary. Sadly there was no video hijinks and it wasn't as good as Dogma.

Monday rolls around and to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the Blues Brothers dvd, there is this special screening of the movie followed by a q&a with Dan Akroyd and John Landis. So it was out in Lincolnshire which was half hour from Willis' place. I really wanted to go to this because I highly doubt they will do something like this again. And for the fact that its the Blues Brothers. Seriously, when are you gonna see a movie before you were born in theaters ever? (Blues Brothers 1980) The only opportunity that I can recall was Alien(1979) on Halloween a couple years back. And of course you know I checked that shit out. So being extreme fans of the movie, I told Willis and Eric they should check it out because in fact they are the Elwood and Jake of our rag tag bunch of misfits. So we get to the theater and Willis, Eric, Jacy, Jayson Jodrey, and Paul show up to catch the flick with me. I was happy that there was more of a turnout from our group of friends because originally it was just gonna be myself, Willis, and Eric. So the more the better. We get there around 8:12 and we see they parked the blues mobile out in the front and alot of hardcore fans showed up (dressed up) to share this moment with us. There were 3 disappointments however.

1. The show wasn't on the IMAX screen even though it was an IMAX theater and the flyer made it sound like it was gonna be played on the Imax.

2. The sound cut out during the q&a which was first rather then the flick first then the q&a last. It took like an hour to fix and by the time it got up and running, the q&a was over and there was an extra 20 minute wait. So we waited for a good hour when they could've just started the movie.

3. The hardcore fans kept clapping and like reciting certain songs. IT REALLY WAS FUCKING ANNOYING...and I couldn't let it slide because motherfuckers didn't clap or hoot when Ripley came out in her underwear near the end of theAlien flick looking all sexy. (belive me I wanted to hoot) but no, they enjoyed the movie quietly and talked about it later. This movie however turned up a big baseball-esque crowd that was howling, clapping at lines, sining at songs, etc. The best part was that Jacy had never seen the movie and the look on his face at all these psycho fans was just the best.

I did however try and tune it out and enjoyed the movie which still holds up today. Great music, acting, and all around the best damn movie ever to show off the Windy City. John Belushi is a comedic talent that is still talked about till now and he is truly a gem of this fine city of Chicago. If you haven't seen the Blues Brothers, you have failed in life. Rent it...own it...and Blues Brothers 2000 is a piece of shit.

Monday, August 29, 2005

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Freestyle: The Art of Rhyme

I keep forgetting to post this everytime I'm on here. So guess what kids, I remembered today. I recently got the chance to view a documentary that a good friend had lent to my brother. Not being so big on documentaries in general, this one appealed to me for the obvious fact that it was about "bustin' a freestyle", something I only in my wildest hip hop dreams can ever achieve. The only documentary I remember watching and ever liking was Lost in La Mancha, a look at what happens when a visionary director's dream project literally gets washed away and just falls apart before any real solid footage was shot. Check it out if you've never seen it.

Ok back to Freestyle. This is brought to you by Palm Pictures who released the Spike Jonze and Michael Gondry videos on a dvd set as well as the acclaimed Scratch, a documentary on djs and those famous two turn tables and a microphone. This movie is very different in it gives and inside look at how freestyle began and where it stems from in terms of poetry and free verse. One of the cooler parts throughout the documentary is the fact that they have these cats freestyling on battles. They talk about different terms like the "cypher" which is like a hackey sack circle except they kick around different freestyles and pass along shit like that. Also, there are the famous "battles" where to performers slap their opponents with lyrics as if they were on the field of battle striking with sword and shield in hand. Its amazing to see how these people can spit these lyrics off the top of their heads. One mc named Supernatural would just read the dictionary and learn what the words meant and studied them to have a more wide open vocabulary instead of spitting out "yeah ugh, bad boy". Anyways I highly recommend this flick because its just so interesting and explores the different hot spots and past freestyle legends that you might have not even heard of because they are so underground and they either want to stay underground or make it big. One thing's the same though, it all started here. This is truly their shining moment. Pick it up...if you get a chance.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

A Classic....getting a special edition. Damn buying the regular edition. Its ok. Look at that face....a legend. Posted by Picasa

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Blasts from the Past

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

After staying up late again and chilling with Frank and Jp, I woke up around 8:30am to a ringing doorbell. At the door, it was Leticia, Jackie's mom, here to discuss the shower plans I'm assuming with my mom. I say hello and go back to bed. Wake up around 11ish. Pops comes home around 11:30-Noon from his appointment. He cooks some breakfast, we head out. I get to Schaumburg around 1pm. I check my phone and it says I have a voicemail. I check it and its a former classmate of mine back in the grammar school days, the fun days. I get the number and plan on calling her back after I get off work. Pops drops me off and I head back, Jeff's at his computer when I come in. I dick around till about 2:30 when he has to leave for work. I get a work shirt ready because I plan on not coming back to the apt. On the way, he tells me about the Sushi Station and how cool it is to eat over there. Sounds good. He leaves the car with me, I go to the comic book store and pick up New Warriors # 3 because thats the only thing I can afford. I want to get Superman and the Infinite City but I plan that for next time I have more loose cash on me. I drive to Best Buy and pass the time away. Thinking I'm not going to buy anything, I stumble upon Adventures in Babysitting!! (One of the awesomest movies ever!!!!!) So i decide to pick that up and my phone rings. I think its my friend, but its Jacy (the awesomest roommate ever!!!) He tells me he wants to hang out and I told him we should do it up tomorrow cause I'm off that day and he's got work till about 4 in the pm. Sounds like a plan and I head for the door. But my eye catchs The Garbage Pail Kids Movie (One of the awesomest movies ever!!!) I get stuck. I don't know to get both or only one. I opt for the babysitting because garbage pail kids is like 6 dollars more. So I walk out with that and head to TCS. But I have like a whole 'nother hour. I go to Circuit City (YES). I browse there for a good half hour. The ONLY thing that caught my eye there was The Good the Bad and the Ugly 2 disc for 9.99. I ask a snotty Circuit City employee is this is correct and he's all like "UGH NO not for thsi version" and yanks the sign off.....bitch. So I walk out and spot Qdoba from across the street. My stomach says "3 Cheese Nachos" and so I give in and get some Vegetarian 3 Chesse nachos going for the next 10 15 minutes. Man that was good. I get to work. The end.

Actually, work was really awesome today. Ran into an old teacher of mine. Who gave me some job hints and a company name that was looking for people. I talk to him about other stuff and get his information. Also, work went by REALLY fast and before I knew it, I'm here updating the diary. I call my friend cuz I said I would and get a voicemail. So begins the phone tag. I think I'm gonna finish my cheese nips, watch Adventures in Babysitting, and set the alarm for an early work day. (And by work, I mean staying at home and drawing!) Peace out.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Relaxing days are done.

Monday August 15, 2005

Got up for work, finished pretty early. John came by around noonish. Got some shit together and went to Hooters where we indulged in some hot wings. Leean was our waitress and she was hot. After Hooters, came home and vegged out. Night came, and we watched "A Day Without A Mexican" which was the most boring piece of shit I've seen in a good while. I thought it was funny and I've heard some good talk about it. But when I actually sat down to watch it, I lost interest 5 minutes into the movie. Not recommended.

Tuesday August 16, 2005

Woke up, Frank and I went to work. Work was pretty easy, got tossed a couple of audio lines and got those done. I listened to Common's new album, Be a record like 15 times in a row. Finished up and began my way to Moosejaw. Stopped at Best Buy and romed the dvd section. Found out that they released Titus on dvd. Walked out buying nothing (been doing that lately) and I got to Barnes and Noble. I chilled in the cafe area and began to draw in my sketchbook. My nose started bleeding....man that sucked. Came back, Frank was done and we headed home. Jackie's maid of honor, Bernadette, was at the apt. Pop cooked spaghetti. We ate it and then the two girls left to get some pie or some shit. John, Frank, and myself chilled downstairs where I began to try and play the bass beat from Common's intro track on the piano. After a good 10 minutes or so, I figured it out. Then I began to learn the keyboard part on my right hand. We tried playing it together for at least a good hour. It was funny watching John try to get it and mess up. After awhile, we decided to go rent Sin City. It wasn't there. We came back and watched Dirty Jobs on discovery. Where they squeezed poop out of lil baby chicks. gross. After that ended, everyone called it a night. Berna left, frank left, john and jax went to bed, and I stayed up till about 1am browsing on myspace.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

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this is not for sale...what a jip. Coming 2006 or some crap. Posted by Picasa

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I really wanted to tip this guy over..but I give him his props. Pika. Posted by Picasa

Top Cow chick...later she breast fed me.  Posted by Picasa

All Star Batman and Robin and Ed McGuiness' Superman. I want these thigns for my house. Posted by Picasa

The Original Lois Lane....I was scared to go over there. Posted by Picasa

Cactus Jack...its funny because you seem him upclose and he REALLY does look like that. Posted by Picasa

Jan Gaitan, the coolest teacher I've ever had EVER. Of Course Rockin' the Nightmare attire. Posted by Picasa

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Wizard World 05!

Saturday, August 6 2005

Wow...is all I can say. I never this much fun in an entire weekend in a good long while. Anyways, this was my first Wizard World and I was happy that I decided to go. It did create a financial dent in my checkings for this month but who the fuck cares...COMICS.

So, it was pretty much a comic book fans wet dream. I didn't have enough time or money to attend any special signings or Q&As...sigh..but thats ok I loaded up on free shit and lots of photos. When you first see it, you think to yourself there is no way to see everything. But you find out that you can pretty much walk the entire show (window shopping) twice in 2 and half hours. There was alot of crap I wanted to buy and I did decide to take money..but luckily, the ATM ran out of cash. Which was freakin unbelievable because guys are taking out like 400 dollars and stuff like that. I did however get the Golgothan INAction figure from the View Askew table. Hodge picked it up for me and I would later pay him back. I saw my teacher Jan there which was AWESOME and I was so happy to see that she can bust out her artwork with the best of them. Let me tell you, the Artists Alley is pretty amazing with all these up and coming striving to break in the industry artists like myself. They really gave me a good look see and now I know I gotta step up my game if I want to to pursue this next year. IT was fun all and all. I learned alot of things.

1. Bring Money
2. Bring Lots of Money
3. Take Lots of Photos of hotchicks
4. Always bring alot of money.

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Me and the O' Dwyer family. They love me more then Willis HAHA. Posted by Picasa

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Big Willy and "Best Man" Jayson Jodrey Posted by Picasa

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