Sunday, July 24, 2005

Whoomp That Trick! Whoomp That Trick!

Review: Hustle And Flow

A while back, I saw the preview for this movie and for some reason I REALLY wanted to see it. I guess the idea of a pimp going through a mid-life crisis in the dirty south made for an appealing story. Anyways for the most part, if you like the underdog stories and the down and dirty-gritty surrounding that give that film the much needed flavor, go see a movie like this. It's kinda in the same vein as 8 Mile and Empire but only better. Better acting, better music, better story, and better characters. All in all, I really enjoyed this flick. It really doesn't appeal to everyone but of course the mtv generation will go see it because the movie is co produced by them. But oddly enough I saw a lot of middle aged white women in the theater ready to get crunk and watch an entertaining flick. Terrence Howards is my "it" actor of the moment taking a turn as a lead instead of playing minor characters or villians. To me, the story of anyone having a dream and making it big follows through no matter the setting or the character. This film however delievers that story on a different platter that makes it stand out amongst the rest. It has its own sense of style and runs with it. The music is really awesome...I'm more of a westcoast rap listener (Ice Cube and the Westside Connection in particular) but I liked the thumping beats and looping tracks that were made in the film. Let's just say I want to buy the soundtrack when I get a chance. (That and Danny Elfman's Wonka Score!)

Ok well thats it for now....peace out OH and remember, remember, the 5th of November.

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