Thursday, July 07, 2005

Smith Review: Waf of the Worlds

Found this lil blurb of what Kevin Smith thought of "War of the Worlds".

"If you haven’t seen it already, rush out and peep this flick. It’s the best of the summer (“Sith” doesn’t count, as that came out before when I feel the summer truly begins). As I sat down to watch it, I was thinking 'Why would Spielberg bother with this flick? We’ve seen the alien invasion movie before. How many ways can this cat be skinned?' But homeboy blew me the fuck away. Homeboy did more than skin the cat; homeboy reinvented the cat from the inside out, then skinned it, then put the skin back on, the skinned the motherfucker again with all the skill and grace of an amazing surgeon. It’s the most tension-inducing flick I’ve seen since “J.F.K.” From the moment the lightning strikes my beloved New Jersey, you’re sucked into the flick and feeling unsettled. It’s so enveloping, I found myself feeling 'Christ, this is what it’d be like if aliens came. Never mind ‘E.T.’ or ‘Close Encounters’ – these fucks are all about destruction and extermination. I never want this to happen.” I loved every second of this flick, man. It’s just phenomenal.' "

- Kevin Smith from his online diary

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