Sunday, July 03, 2005

Review: War of the Worlds and stupid parents.

Ok I've been meaning to review this movie and after hearing other people's opinions and takes on the film, I'll have to say that I actually liked this film. I know people are gonna hate me for it but there are my reasons why I liked it. For one thing, it is a Sci Fi movie about an alien invasion...and I know people are like...there weren't enough aliens. But I respect the fact that Spielberg, Cruise, and Koepp decided to give us their own vision of an alien movie. To me, both times I saw the film (yes I saw it twice) I saw it as a story about a man learning how to be a father. The whole alien invasion to me was kind of this tool to support the main story of a Jerk father who learns who to take care of his kids. Don't get me wrong, this is still a sci fi movie and it does have some pretty good destruction. Roger Ebert was asking, "What happened to the sense of wonder Spielberg celebrated in "Close Encounters of the Third Kind," and the dazzling imagination of "Minority Report"? Well I think in that the imagination and wonder was still there, but those were a different kinds of science fiction movies. I respect what Spielberg did with the movie and how he incorporated this sense of human emotion throughout the film. I don't think he lost any kind of wonder or imagination because some of the shots, were really clever and suprisingly intense. One scene that really caught my eye was the driving scene where they are on the highway and the camera just moves so fluently and fast with paceing of the the scene and dialogue. It gave me that sense of rushness. I don't know how he was able to swing from the passenger to the front to the back to the windshield without the audience losing was a really amazing shot. The CG was very subtle and you could totally tell that it would be there if it were real. It just moved in the space the right way. I think Spielberg put more emotion then anything in this picture and I think that is what makes you like it or hate it and thats very ballsy. I felt something for all the characters in the film, it wasn't lame like when Will Smith punches that alien and knocks him out cold saying "welcome to earth". It was a more mature intense picture then that and I applaud for standing out.

Some of the negatives I would say, would probably be the stupid parents that think they can bring their little kids to see a pg-13 movie. I thought rating was appropriate but the audience wasn't. Now a days people are making movies to fit a younger audience to fil seats when it shouldn't even be that way. "Batman Begins" is an adult movie, you don't take kids to see a "real" Batman movie. He's a much darker and moodier superhero then a Spiderman or even the X-men. This movie should not be viewed by kids because its for the adults and the young adults that KNOW what the Batman character is all about. Another example is "The Longest Yard", you do not take your lil sons and daughters to a FOOTBALL PRISON movie just because it has Adam Sandler in it. This movie has the word nigger in it like 5 times and when I saw it there were these stupid parents that abrought their kids to go see it. So when the "n word" came up and they were appauled thats your goddamn fautl. You don't blame the movie because it says rated for violence and STRONG language. What does that tell? They say words like darn and poop. NO they say FUCK AND SHIT. Honestly don't bring your kids to these kinds movies because A. You're gonna get offended and mad because of the content and B. You're fucking pissing me off bringing your talky ass kids and sitting right behind me annoying the shit out of me.

As far as negatives for the movie, there are some parts they could've cut down but I didn't mind too much. The fact that everyone didn't like the ending ALTHOUGH I heard recently that it was the original ending of the first movie so I respect that they didn't change it up...(goddamn Burton and his lincoln Ape) One other thing I didnt like was the fat guy behind me who thought he was all bad ass because he already saw the King Kong trailer. Look I saw it way before you buddy but I'm not flaunting on how much of a loser I am.

So thats my review for War of the Worlds...a movie that I like. Bring on the hate mail.

I'm out this bitch.

- J

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