Thursday, July 07, 2005

Review: Howl's Moving Castle

*quick note...Eliza says "Rice Kripsies" instead of "Rice Krispies" hahaha we laughed about that all day 4th of July.'re welcome Liz.

I forgot to let y'all know Jacy and I saw the latest Miyazaki Film from the brilliant mind's at Studio Ghibli....i think thats right. Anyhoo not to ruin the whole imagination and brillance of the film without telling you EVERY cool part in the movie (trust me there are alots), it's pretty much about this girl who's turned to an old lady and seeks the help of a playboy of a wizards who just so happens to live on a moving castle powered by a fiery demon named Calcifer who is voiced by the sometimes host of the Oscars, Billy Crystal. The voice of the wizard in the english version is none other then Bruce Wayne himself. NO not Michael Keaton you losers, I mean Christian "I'm Batman" Bale. So it has this moving castle and these really awesome characters and a crazy imaginative story that has this war as it's backdrop and a wizard who tends to run away from his problems. It's got some mushy love stuff in there too.

So thats all I'll say about the movie to not ruin its sense of mystery and if you're curious you should definitely go see this in the theater. I'll say its a bit long but it really doesn't slow down that much. The movie is pretty much amazing. If you're a big fan of Miyazaki and his film, it will go right up your alley. Most guys I know would probably say they like "Princess Monoke" better because it tends to have more violence but this has some great animation as well. Personally I'm a bigger fan of "Spirited Away" and I'll admit to not seeing all of Miyazaki's films to consdier myself a hardcore fan but these three movies are good introductions to getting to know his style and types of characters on film. It really is a wondeful movie that its probably viewed better in the theater. Don't way for video because it'll lose some of the grand scale magic. The voicework was really well done and the ideas for some of the secondary characters are weird and wonderful at the same time. Turnip head and the Wicked Witch of the Waste are some of the ones that stand out. Oh and there's this REALLY REALLY funny scene of the Witch walking up these flights of stairs that just makes you piss your pants. All in all, it has a great story, great characters, beautiful animation, and on spot voicework. In a world where 3D animation seems to be a reigning king at the box office now a days, its good to see that traditional animation in small fortune cookie films like this can hold up if not even surpass the CG films of today.

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