Saturday, July 09, 2005

Mitsuwa, El Rodeo, and Friday Night Stand Up

Friday July 8, 2005

Went to work in the morning which has pretty much sucked all week. It was fine whatever...Jeff wanted to try this Taco Place out by Barrington called El Rodeo. I was like whatever and I drove. Ordered up and I was happy as hell because they had Horchata which I've been craving for forever! Anyways I got the Taco Special which was 3 chicken soft tacos, mexican rice, and beans. It was the BOMB. Anyways we got our food to go and headed to the comic book store. I picked up the new issue of Army of Darkness: Shop till you Drop Dead and The Intimates. They had this sweet Superman Hardcover book there called the Infinite City but it was too expensive and I've been meaning to cut back on everything. Food, comics, movies, and more food. I just can't spends as much as I'd like to anymore. Anyways I got the comics and we headed back....this is what ruined the morning pretty much. These white guys in a white van (of course) pulled up and started asking me questions to my place so they can have sex with me. Then they insisted that asians are gay and all thise other stuff. I was like whatever and just drove off. Jeff was pissed and told him he's got directions of his foot in their asses. White people like that are dumb. You never see black guys harass you 'cause they're too busy listening to music and if you did start some shit you know not to fuck with them. Same thing with Mexicanos man. Yeah these white guys were looking bad ass with their mean french poodle. ANYWAYS that pretty much ruined my morning. Went back and ate my tacos and drank my horchata and felt really good. Jeff went to work and I was pretty much alone in the apt till about 3-4 ish when I get a call from The E. He tells me the Chinatown is a bust and we should opt for the Mitsuwa. After calls from other people like Hodge and the Sparkster. We saddle up the crew. Eric arrives first, then Hodge, we assume we're waiting for Sparkie but she gives me a ring and says she's on her way to Mitsuwa so we leave. We still have to pick up Willy and I call Jeff and leave him a voicemail to meet us there after he gets off work. Sparkie says she's already there and I tell her to wait for us and that Jeff will be over there in a bit. We pull up and Willy's hanging out with Jacy. Suprised as hell, we all pack in the Chariot of Thunder (Eric calls his saturn that....don't ask) and we drive over. Jeff and Sparkie are already waiting and we go ahead and dine in. I get some Kirin for my drink and I order the Omlett Rice. We talk about random bullshit like Turtles, Power Rangers, War of the Worlds, Frank Acton, and Jack Corrolo. It was good times, however I didn't like my meal this time and was kinda disappointed I didn't go with the usual Curry Rice. Anyways we head back to Willis' house so he can get dropped off to play WoW. We sit around for abit and realize that it's boring. We all go to my apt. We try to figure out what to do. And it seems like liquor is a good choice. Sparkie and I head back to her place to grab some wine and such that she had. Oh yeah by this time Robin's tagged along with us. Soooo anyhoo, we get back and they are drinking already and watching Dane Cook's stand up dvd. We sit and watch and laugh our asses off. Hodge leaves. After that, we watch the Kevin James: Sweat the Small Stuff and laugh even more. I feel tired and Jeff orders Dominoes...I then decide to fall asleep on the couch. Robin wakes me up to say bye and I slowly drift off again. I wake up and realize no one is here except Sparkie who has woken up to and seems to be getting all her shit ready to leave. Eric's gone and Jeff went to bed. I tell Sparkie goodnight and turn it. Its about 2am, I have work at 9 and thats gonna suck.

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