Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Million Dollar Weekend....baby!

Sunday, July 10 2005

Well Sunday, I went home because I was asked if I wanted to work this coming truck monday. I was like, "um do you have to ask?". Sooo I went home and spent Sunday @ The Zep's house eating and eating and then relaxing so I can eat again. While I was there, I watched "Johnson Family Vacation" which was a pretty crappy movie that I partially enjoyed because I like Cedric the Entertainer and I still think Vanessa Williams is kinda hot. After awhile, we went home and I had some drawings I needed to print out to show for Ms. Woods tomorrow. Ms. Woods is the teacher/author that I'm illustrating the book for. So I got that finished and I also wrapped up page number 2 of the comic book I'm doing on the side for this online web comic site. Sent those out and got my shit ready for tomorrow. It was pretty late by then so I stay up and watch "13 going on 30" which I borrowed from Jazmine. That movie was kinda funny and sad and reminded me of this other movie called "18 Again" with George Burns. ANYWAYS I only watched it cuz I think Jennifer Garner is kinda hot. She has this "good girl that can kick your ass" quality about her. Anyways I pass out and wake up around 11ish.

Monday, July 11 2005
My dad's knocked out the wall in our living room downstairs and he's putting in some tile and stuff. So our house looks like half a house @ the moment. I check my mail, play some gulid wars, and watch tv. I catch the first episode of "Hogan Knows Best" on vh1 and its pretty funny. He's all huge and tan and the daughters got some huge ones and she's tan. Anyways around 4:20 I get dropped off at Chicago Ridge and figure I have 10 minutes to kill so I begin to walk around the mall. I call up around 4:25 and turns out she's waiting. So I haul ass back to the Panera Bread and we have our meeting. Meeting goes over well and she likes the progress in which its coming together. John comes to pick me up and we head back to the house. The Castaneda girls stop by to say hello and John makes some stir fry. Skye plays on the computer and Jadda says she needs some pictures scanned. I tell her I'll do that for her tomorrow. I play Guild Wars a bit and then call it a night. I fall asleep watching Swingers.

Tuesday, July 12 2005
I wake up exactly at 8:15. I shower and get ready by 8:45. It's really gloomy and I feel so tired. I lay my head down and the doorbell rings. It's Frank. We head out and shoot the shit and talk about how we don't want to go to work. He drops me off and I begin my day. I pop in some music to make the day go by faster but my head starts retracing my steps of last week because I don't remember what I did with my Jurassic 5 cd. This bugs me forever as I'm still thinking about it 3 days later. I try to forget about it but damnit it's such a good cd. I put in "The Emancipation of Mimi" and play that through. I play John's Linkin Park Jay Z cd like 5 times in a row. All the while, I'm unwrapping this freaking dresser thats taken me pretty much 3 tuesdays to finish. I decide that this is the last day and begin to haul ass on it. I break around 2:30pm to take some money out and get a burger. I stop this Beef Franks place across the street from work and they serve up a mean meal of grease. I chow down. I feel fat and head back to work. I finish the unwrapping and begin my walk to the area of my cousin's work. Which by the way has a Loew's Theater by it. As I get there, a 4:15 show of "Fantastic Four" has started. I think about it but decide not to. I'd rather see "Charlie" first. I wait in Barne and Noble and sit in front of this real pretty girl reading a "People" magazine. I try not to stare and begin trying to draw Superman.

Superman is my favorite superhero of all time and I guess for that reason I can never draw him in a way that I am happy with. Everytime I draw it, I think it looks like crap. I can NEVER get it to look right and this is something that I'm determined to break. I finish my drawing and step back. It looks like shit to me. BLAH. I realize that was the last page in my sketch book and I need a new one. Something I like to do with each sketchbook or concept book is go back and look at what I've drawn in it and kinda relive the day/moment that I drew that particular image. I stumble upon a Bill and Ted image I did. I think to myself "SWEET!" and I begin to darken in the pencil. The burger I had was making its way out so I head to the john. I get in there and get a call from Frank. I tell him i'm in the pooper and I'll be right out. I didn't realize that it was 6 on the dot. We get home and John tells us to by taco shells. So after sitting around for a bit and talking to Jazmine and Leticia who have stopped by, Frank and I head off to Kmart.....THEY DON'T CARRY TACO SHELLS. How lame is that..they have pretty much everything else you can think of for mexican dining....salsa, cheese, sour creams...well at least I think so. We make our way to Shop and Save and I get a package of 12 which comes with Madagascar Trading Cards!!! I stop by Hollywood drop off some movies John and Jax rented and picked up "Million Dollar Baby". We get back but I decide not to eat until everyone else is done eating because it seemed kind crowded in the kitchen. i go upstairs and play some Guild Wars. Frank is watching tv. After they are done eating, Frank and I finish whatever is left and I "pretend" to forget I had to scan those pictures for Jadda. When I get up there, John has already done them all. YEssssssssssssssssss. After the night is pretty much over, I put in "Million Dollar Baby''. John is playing "Guild Wars" but he stops. He gets into the movie as do I. Frank falls in and out of sleep.

Review: Million Dollar Baby

Wow. I can understand why this movie one best picture now that I've seen it. Its truly an amazing piece of film and compare to "The Aviator", this is the better picture. The acting is terrific and the music and story telling is wonderful. Morgan Freeman by far is the best actor in this film. He narrates the story and they're just something about his voice that makes you want to listen to him. The only other narration job that I think does the same is Alec Baldwin in "Tenebaums". Anyways theres not much I can say about the film other then you have to see it for yourself. I heard alot of talk about it not being a boxing movie. But there is a hell of a lot of boxing in the film and its really well shot. You really like all the characters in this movie and you hate the ones you're suppposed to. Also the ending is kinda hush hush for people who haven't seen it..and I'll admit this is the one thing that is holding me back from purchasing the movie. It is a great movie don't get me wrong; but after the ending took place, I just couldn't really believe it and I guess from watching the entire thing through and then witnessing the ending I kind of wished it didn't go down the way it did. I'm not saying that the ending is bad or anything, but it just hit me a different way I guess. Well you have to see it for yourself to know what I'm talking about. Anyways John totally didn't expect to finish the entire movie because he had worked but he was engrossed by it that he didn't notice the 2hours and 30 minute run time. I think "The Aviator" had the same run time...I wouldn't know....I fell asleep.

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