Tuesday, July 26, 2005

It Done'd Rained today!

Monday, July 25 2005

I came home Monday after work, and by home I meant Bridgeview. I had to go back to the folk's house which is getting some upgrades which I'll be happy to post for you so you can see the Tim Allen work that my dad and uncle have been doing for a month and a half now. It looks GOOD. As soon as I get pictures I'll show all y'all. Anyways came home to the wonder that was the bridgeview home and had some popeyes and leftover panda. John took off work so he can work on the invites that needs sending out and well putting together. I pretty much stayed on the pc the entire night. Non stop trying to bust out my freelance comic gig which is hitting the homestretch as we speak. Frank came by and then Jackie came home. Jackie's Maid of honor, Berna, came by to help out to. It was pretty much a sweat shop in here the rest of the night till about 2am. I was happy to not help but John could see I needed to get crap done anyway. I provided the evening's music courtesy of iTunes and a bunch of Common albums Johnny put on there. Anyways by the end of the night my ass and eyes hurt. I started dozing around 1am trying to tell Frank a story.

Tuesday, July 26 2005

I wake up around 8:40ish DEAD tired and hop in the shower. Just as I finish, Frank rings the bell. I grab my shit n' go and he has some McGriddles in the car. NICE. Anyways going to work with Frank is one of those things that I look forward to everytime I come home. With Frank we talk about anything and everthing. We also talk about old shit which is fun because its never like we're looking back @ stuff wondering what happened or whatever. We live in the past...we love talking about the people we went to school with and how jacked up they are now or how pregnant the got..aghhh good times. For some, that shit can get old..but with me and Frank its always timeless.

So we pull up to work and it seems nice and dry and hot. I get my griddle and eat it on the way up to work. I get there and its nice and cool. I get assigned a bunch of lines to lip sync and after 6 hours of that, I'm heading out the door. The once hot and stuffy morning turned into a grey and cold afternoon. As I began to walk towards Moosejaw (the co. that Frank works for) It started to drizzle. I catch a billboard of XxX: State of the union (Which is awesome by the way) and it gets me to think that I should stop at best buy to check the sales..plus it was starting to drizzle even more. I rome around the movie section for awhile making sure not to pick up anything. I go to the cd section and the new Dane Cook cd is out. Its a 2 disc cd and a dvd!! And it was only 10 dollars. *sigh I had to buy it. So holding the cd/dvd in my hand, I head towards the register. I glance outside and its freaking raining hardcore. I call Frank and tell him that its raining pretty bad. He tells me he'll come get me and I'll wait here. So I end up staying at Best Buy for an hour and a half!! I play some Destroy All Humans on the box and browse the movie aisles like 10 times before I get sick of it and just decide to leave. After awhile Frank pulls in. I'm soaked, the weather sucks, and we can't see in the Camaro. Frank goes to the house to switch cars. We get back and Ma has made spaghetti. We dine. The rest of the night, John's on the mac making some logos for side stuff. I try and help out and cut some of the invitations. I suck and mess up four. I get mad and stop. I jump online and DINK around. Frank pretty much does the invitations the rest of the night until about 12ish. He heads home and John hops on Guild Wars while I update. And in the words of the chinky eyed mc, "the rest is history".

- J

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