Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Fantastic 4 Days

Saturday July 16, 2005

So it was another day at work pretty much. My friend Niki had made plans to have some dinner tonight. I get out of work early (big shock there) and I see that I havea voice mail. It's Niki saying that she has gotten a table for four at Bahama Breeze and that she'd be happy if I showed up. Feeling totally up for it seeing as how I haven't seen her in a very long time, I drive on over there. It's not too late, its only 9:30pm. So this is my first time there and I kinda like the digs, I see Jason, Niki's Fiance, and he waves me over. We do the meet and greet and I need to use the bathroom because I feel and look like I've worked at the Container Store for 5 hours. I go in the bathroom to find out they have free hair gel there. I guess its to go with the whole Surf's up Tiki Lounge thing they got going on. Anyways I head back and I order the Jerk Chicken Pasta. We talk about general things: freelance work, weddings, future plans, etc. Turns out they were so happy with the drawing I had done for them that they were paying for my meal tonight to show their appreciation. I was touched and was more then happy to do it for them. Anyways before it hits the 1am marker, we call it a night. I give my hugs and goodbyes and tell them we should do this more often. I get back and Text Hodge saying he should come over tomorrow to get the Kevin Smith dvd he wants to borrow from me. I told him I would look through his noc list of films to see which ones he ought to bring seeing how his Nightwatch dvd isn't working at the moment. I pass out.

Sunday, July 17 2005

I wake up and browse through Hodge's list. I find Ping Pong and a movie called JSA: Joint Security Agency. I call Hodge and tell him to stop by around 3pm. He tells me that those movies I picked are awesome. I begin my day pretty much on the computer most of the time coloring for this comic book gig I picked up a couple months back. Anyhoo, Hodge calls and within half an hour he is at my door. I let him in and shoot the shit. We go to Wendy's cause I feel like getting out of the apartment for a bit. It's cool, we talk about movies mostly and the Wizard World convention that he's planning on going to. We get back and he's want to try Advent Rising for the box. Its pretty gay. The animation is blocky and the first couple stages are boring. Not only till you pick up the two gun john woo moves does it somewhat pick up. But its boring and we shut that crap off. Hodge decides to take off and around that time, Eric calls and says he's gonna stop by so I can show him some stuff in Max 7. Withing the hour, he's here and we're just chilling. He catched me playing some BUST A GROOVE. HELL YEAH BABY! We shoot the shit too and Jeff eventually comes home from work. We play some Guild Wars the rest of the night and I turn it at around 1am.

Monday, July 18 2005

It's 5:20am and my alarm goes off playing some b96 mumbo jumbo. I hit the snooze and lay there for good 5 more minutes. I get up and its off to work. Truck is huge and we don't get out till about 11:45am. Jeff gets some KFC (No...no colonel's chicken fun pack for all you Dane Cook fans out there SU FI!!) haha. We head back and I thought it would be a good idea to watch Ping Pong. The movie's not what I expected and is actually more serious in tone. I fall asleep near the last 40 minutes or so. I can't fight it. I go in my room and turn in. I wake up around 5:00pm only to realize my mom tried to get a hold of me. I call her back and tell her I need to be back home tonight. I put on tv and wait. Hogan's on Raw that was the only cool part. John comes in to pick me up, its close to 9:30pm when he does. I saddle up my shit and head back to the 'view. I come home to find my dad still up and talking to my Uncle Amor who's here visiting and helping my dad with the house stuff. I stay up for a bit and find out that John's crossed over the 2nd Part of Guild Wars. I get all excited because now he can play with us online. Anyways its late and I fall asleep around 1-2am-ish. I get up once to my phone alarm going off at 8:15am. I get up again to see John leaving for work around 8:30am. I get up again and its 10'o clock. Holy crap where did the day go. Mom's asleep so Pop and Unc can't work on the house yet. I get busy with my comic coloring and end up finishing page 3 of 6. I take a break and dick around my space. Next thing you know, my mom's up and about and Pops and Unc begin the house work. I tag in here and there and drill some nails and scrape some dry wall. Next thing you know, its 4pm. My friend Kiera (Special K) is online. I made plans earlier in the week to hang out with her today. I tell her what time the show starts and she said she would call me when she gets out of her class. Jax, Jp, Frank are all here by 6pm. We eat Spaghetti...and help out in the living/laundry place where my dad's going Demolition Man on. Pop comes back from dropping off mom and I missed Kiera's phone call. I call her back and she tells me she's about half an hour away. I hop in the shower so I don't smell like crap and she arrives 5 minutes after. I introduce her to the crew and we head out. We check showtimes and we had just missed an 8pm showing of Charlie. We buy the 10'o clock tickets and head over to Best Buy because I want to get the 2nd Season of Dead Like Me. Sure enough,there aren't any more and Kiera ends up hitting a worker with one of those toy light sabers. After trying to play Gran Turismo 4, we go back to the theater to get some seats. First ones in last ones out the....movie theater. (damn will smith) The 2nd viewing goes by a lil slower then expected and my ass was numb from the crappy Loew's chairs. But still I enjoyed the movie and liked it more a 2nd viewing around. After the madness that was the Chocolate Factory, we head back to the IHOP and shoot the shit for another hour or so. It's about 1am EEK! We head back to the 'view house to find John playing Guild Wars (nice) I snap a photo with Kiera and we say our goodbyes. All in all it was a pretty fun 4 days and prolly the best I've had in a good while. Granted Tuesdays these past couple months have been awesome only because I get to go home and hang out with Frank, Jp, and Jax but other then that my shits same old, same old. I pretty much update the blog til...........NOW.

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