Monday, July 04, 2005

4th of July: So so weather, Sexcellent food, and Random movie madness.

Ok so we decided to have a 4th of July "get together waaa" at the Bridgeview house. It started at 2 which meant it started at 3 and I had to drive the echo because Jeff had a minor skin breakout that needed to be taken care of. So he was home for the weekend and lent me the car. I got up around 11am because I worked for Jeff the Sunday before and was kind of tired and slept in. Also feeling the effects of "War of the Worlds" I felt like watching "Minority Report" John called me a bunch of times and told me to get mustard and napkins. So on my way back I stopped at a Jewel. The whole ride I listened to "Quality Control" cd by Jurassic 5. Those guys are the bomb.

I get there and no one is there yet, John starts the grilling and it starts to rain. Jeff showed me his finger and that it was healing which was a good thing. Em and Kris show up with the rest of the plates, napkins, food and etc. Sure enough within the hour all the cousins that were gonna be there were there and the madness and fun began. Enore busted out the "Friends" game and pretty much played that on and off...some of those Qs are hard. Like..whats' Gunther's roommates name. WHAT THE F was that haha. With the weather being all "hey its gone rain" it wasn't that bad. We still played ball. When Gma-unit came out, she wanted me to buy her ice cream cake. So Fred and I went to Baskin Robbins and got some Oreo ice cream cake. Pretty much the rest of the day was eating playing ball and we played some Catch Phrase too. Lanie and the Bacs had this weird dance they did to this Killers song which was pretty funny to watch..those girls are a riot!!!!

At the end of the night, the Bacs, Lags, Frank, and The Lanie-nator we're still here. I told them about the random movie game. Anyone who's played it with me knows its pretty much a worthless game but for some reason ends up being played for hours. We got some good ones in there like "Good Burger, Space Truckers, Senorita Justice, Heavy Weights, Fat Albert, My Dog Skip. ANWAYS you can tell by the titles how pointless and funny this game can get. Jeff left after awhile to head back to the 'Burg. I realized only later that I had all my shit with me fro Tuesday in the back seat...good one Jay. After playing this for awhile and listening to the Napolean Soundtrack..which was a shout out to Lanie, I got a phonecall from my friend Kiera or as I like to call her "Special K" and we ended up talking for a bit about our 4th parties and other crap. I had gotten a txt message from her earlier in the day and thought it was awesome of her so I told her to call me later. That phone call was pretty much the Q for everyone to leave. Just as everyone was leaving John and Jax got back from watching fireworks with Harold G and his "Pfriend" Karen. Special K and I talked a bit more and decided to make future future plans to hang out sometime and get some DDR going. I pretty much end up watching John play Batman the rest of the night and update the blog. I talked to my friend Gigi who I tried to call earlier in the day but got some other chick's phone number...we get the number straightened out and talk before she abruptly signs off. I put my chonies and my shirt in the washer to get them clean for work seeing how I left all my crap in the Echo.

- J

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